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The greenhouses are growing in popularity and the interest in them is increasing every year. The reason for this is the many positive aspects of the greenhouse, which serve as a flexible possibility to extend the garden year. But building a house is not easy, and we have selected the most important tips on the process that will make the construction much easier.

Choose a shade-free location for the greenhouse

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The topic greenhouse is a must for all gardeners and there is much discussion about it. The many designs and the large choice of materials of the greenhouses depend on the good planning of the project. In order to organize a perfect planning, you have to plan a few points, which are very important in the construction of the house.

Firstly, you should choose a suitable location for the greenhouse, which benefits as much from daylight and solar irradiation as possible. However, this can sometimes have negative consequences, such as overheating. For this, a north-south position of the construction is recommended to get the maximum out. Other important requirements for the greenhouse are, for example, a windstorm, because the wind causes a cooling of the greenhouse.

Many people who like to spend their free time in the garden ask themselves whether a self-construction is worthwhile. The answer to the question is not easy. However, many choose self-construction because, unlike the finished greenhouse, they have an individualized design. For this reason, the design of the project itself can be determined and planned. The most popular variants are the freestanding greenhouses and the required materials are mostly wood and aluminum, which ensure the stability and longevity of the construction.

In the DIY project, you can design the greenhouse according to your taste

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Why is the glazing important?

The most important point of self-construction is the glazing of the greenhouse. Exactly the glazing plays the most important role and thereby the heating is significantly improved. Particularly important are the light and UV permeability for the growth phase of the plants. Through the glazing you can also see the plants from outside and the corresponding temperature control. The best glazing for greenhouses is the Plexiglas panels, which have an enormous robustness and a 30-year guarantee. The light-scattering plates are very beneficial for plant cultivation, as they clearly improve flowering. It is necessary to pay attention to the light permeability when placing panels. The reason for this is that some plates have very low percent transmittance, and heating then goes slower than expected.

For the side walls there are also alternatives such as the real glass. However, it is mostly used for the side walls, as the transparency remains unimpeded.

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