Bedding Alternatives – The Latest Trends

The ideal material selection for a perfect raised bed is difficult to determine. The wood processing is the most popular type among the beech trees. However, the alternatives such as plastic, gabble and plant stone raised beds have been enjoying increasing interest for years. The reason for the popularity is that the practical working height of the construction spares the back and the harvest time is longer due to the appropriate warming. We provide you with an imaginative material selection that has many useful advantages for your personalized garden. The DIY projects are versatile in the garden and the kit is usually made of partly preassembled parts, which have a simple and flexible handling due to their low weight.

Hochbeet herb spiral is one of the best alternatives

Herbal pirale as a high bed gabione

Plastic upholstery

The raised beds made of plastic are very flexible and practical. The reason for this is that no tools are needed for the construction, because the articles are delivered ready. The advantage of this type of raised beds is the material which is frost resistant up to -40 ° C, which is especially important for winter.

So that the plants grow faster, you can order a cultivation lid extra. The raised beds made of weatherproof plastic are considered to be very practical because they have a wide range of useful functions. An example of this is the simple working height, which does not cause back problems. Another advantage is that the raised beds can be positioned anywhere in the garden or on the terrace.

Position the raised bed strategically in the garden

High bed terrace plastic

Gabion raised bed

Gabions are considered one of the best and most attractive garden designs in recent years. The most popular gabions are, for example, the Gabion fences , Which serve as visual protection. However, the baskets are also used for planting. The aesthetically pleasing optics can be designed with different types of fillings and thus create a perfect appearance for your garden. The construction is in contrast to the raised beds made of plastic and this does not allow the flexible positioning in the garden. The gabions are robust and very durable thanks to the zinc-aluminum coating. You can create a personalized design with the gabs, such as herbal spirals, round and rectangular raised beds, and others.

Combine the filling with different stones

High bed construction sets

Planter blocks-raised bed

Planks made of planters are something for DIY fans, because you have to make the whole structure yourself. The stones are not expensive and do not make much work. But a man must have a clear idea for the positioning, because these types of raised beds are just like those from gabions. The ideal width for the raised beds is 1 meter. However, you can of course determine the height and the width yourself and thus get the maximum from it. For the construction are not only paving stones or planter blocks But also gravel and rattling stones, which are used for the foundation of the raised bed. When you have finished the whole construction, you need to get the appropriate fill. Let us inform you about the right layer of the raised beds.

Pflanzsteine-Hochbeet is a time-intensive project

High bed ideas tips

Natural stones serve as an attractive filling for gabions

Gabione planting ideas

High bed construction ideas

High bed ideas tips

High bed plastic ideas

High bed ideas and tips

Herbal tea

Round shapes

Stable construction gabione

Stone as a high bed construction