Store Fruits And Vegetables Properly: 8 Efficient Basic Tips

In the last few weeks, we have published a series of articles on healthy eating. Especially in summer it is time to enjoy many fresh products – fruits and vegetables. Because in the other seasons we do not have so much of it. However, if we strengthen our immune system in the summer with the help of the sun and the fresh dishes, then in the other seasons we have much greater chances of staying healthy despite the frost and the viruses. But only with the right storage, we enjoy the richness of the summer in the best way possible. There are some efficient basic tips on how to store fruits and vegetables properly. Learn in the following lines, which these are.

The cucumbers – these vegetables should be stored separately from others

vegetables properly cut sliced ​​cucumbers

The cucumbers should be kept away from other products

Which are the fruits and vegetables, which are particularly demanding and with others share a lot of space? We think the cucumbers would think of most of you as the last product, if there is such a categorization. This simple vegetable variety is more demanding than it seems at first glance.

Cucumbers are sensitive to ethene , This is a gas that separates other vegetables and fruits while ripening. That’s why you should store the cucumbers separately. The most unsuitable is the storage together with tomatoes, bananas and melons. So if you want to store fruit and vegetables properly, you must not make the mistake of storing all those delicious products in one and the same place.

Make a bunch out of the herbs – that’s the rule for vegetable storage

vegetables properly store great green herbs

Bundle of fresh spices and herbs

The situation is quite different with the storage of spices and herbs. It is best to make a bundle of it and keep it exactly this way. When the spices and herbs are fresh, wash them first and then dry their leaves. Cut off the ends of the bars and place them in a glass or cup with water. So they can be in the fridge or on the kitchen counter be kept. If you do not use them, you should change the water more often.

Store potatoes – this is best done in a bag in a cool place!

vegetables properly store large potatoes

Store the root vegetables in bags

The root vegetables, such as the potatoes, the beets or the onions, are very rich in various healthy ingredients. More than most other vegetables actually. The reason for this is that they have the opportunity to extract the healthy ingredients directly from the earth. However, in order to maintain their good qualities longer, one should store these types of vegetables properly. The right storage location would be dark, cool and with measured humidity. Preferably in a bag.

You need to wash the forest fruits and then put them in the fridge

Fruits and vegetables are stored in many different ways

Wash the forest fruits first

Strawberries, raspberries and blackberries are some of the most popular fruits of the summer. But if you just store them in the fridge, they will not be tasty the next day. You probably even have to throw everyone in the bin. That would be too bad, right? Here are some simple rules on how to store and eat such kind of fruit. If you have bought a larger quantity, you should first wash these fruits with a mixture of water and vinegar in a ratio of 1 to 3. Let the water drain well and dry carefully with paper towels. Only then can they be in the fridge.

Storing fruit is easy, but there are also some important rules for that!

vegetables properly store great red apples

Apples and oranges are not compatible

If you want to store fruits and vegetables properly, you should know that certain varieties simply do not tolerate each other. We already had such an example, namely the combination of cucumbers with bananas, tomatoes and other fresh products that separate ethene. Even apples and oranges are such a pair that only looks beautiful on still life pictures. And yes, again the problem lies in the separation of ethene, which comes from the oranges.

The bananas are best broken up into small clusters. So the fruit camp rule!

Store bananas in cluster fruits and vegetables properly

Disconnect the banana clusters

If you do not split the banana clusters, all the fruits would be ripe at the same time. If they are several and you can not eat them too fast, then you have to go to the trash. Surely you do not want that, right? Most of all, you should split them so that you have a small amount ready for the next two-three days and keep the rest in the fridge.

However, if the bananas are too ripe but still not completely rotten, you have some healthy alternatives for your use. From these you can prepare great home-made ice cream. For this, you should puree them and mix with the same amount of peanut butter. Freeze them and store in the fridge.

The avocados rip well next to the bananas. These fruits can be stored together.

Fresh avocado in a wooden bowl

Unripe avocados are next to bananas

If we want to store fruit and vegetables properly, then we should know that there are certain varieties that belong side by side. And not just those that need to be separated! For example, the avocados are next to bananas. The ethene mentioned several times will promote the maturation of the first. Of course, this applies if the bananas are not in the fridge. If you want to store the avocados in such a way that they ripen more slowly, they should just stay outside the refrigerator.

The tomatoes should be stored outside the refrigerator

Store lots of red tomatoes

Tomatoes do not belong in the fridge

Most people make gross mistakes when storing tomatoes. If you want to store this vegetables properly, then you should stow it outside of the refrigerator. Only then will the tomatoes retain their sweet summer taste. Store the tomatoes at room temperature and get the most out of their taste.

Properly stored vegetables can be enjoyed for a long time

Store vegetables properly and keep fresh

Raspberries must be kept according to the rules of fruit storage

Store raspberries on shrubs. Fruits and vegetables must be stored properly

The oranges separate ethane and should be away from other fruits and vegetables

Store oranges in a bowl of fruit and vegetables

Beetroot is root vegetables and must be stored according to the rules for this

store delicious beetroot vegetables