Light Atmospheric Lighting Concepts In The Garden-

Light atmospheric lighting concepts in the garden-

As soon as the first rays of the Sun drive away the cold winter, the first garden owners begin to prepare your garden for the approaching spring. You cut trees, dust flower pots, clean way, clean even landscaped terraces and repair damaged fences. Is all of them together, that they want to show their garden in the best light. For this to succeed around the year and 24/7, supports the appropriate lighting. How a garden upgrade can be with the right lighting, is the subject of this paper.

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Selectively illuminated accessories develop individual charm.

Planning of the lighting concept

A garden in the blink of an eye can be changed with a light source.

Bright, glaring light columns, reaching into the sky appear futuristic.
Gently glowing lamps near the ground creating a cosy atmosphere.
Spots, specifically broadcasting specimen plants, make for an artistic touch.

There are many ways to put the garden in the right light, as shown by these great ideas for garden lighting. Fit the lighting concept for the own garden owners should consider exactly what they really want to achieve with the lighting. They should lose the cost not out of sight, but compare the offers of different providers of lamps and luminaires. A Directory of online shops for light bulbs and gives a quick overview here to find the matching lamps online.

Safety first – when light is to provide safety and visibility

If the issue is security and visibility in the first place, bright radiant light sources with a wide cone of light are a must. The light concept security driveways, entrance areas and paths should be sufficiently lit. In addition, it is recommended also to illuminate dark corners and messy garden situations. Generally, it is advisable to let the garden remains manageable not to overgrown trees and shrubs. Anyone looking for basic ideas for garden design, can visit one of the past or the current state Garden Show 2017 in bad Lippspringe. In every garden show, there are a range of pattern private gardens that remain over the duration of the Landesgartenschau across and invite even years later to visit.

Need a garden of coloured light?

A look at the color theory shows:

Orange has stimulating and promotes the joy.
Yellow, cheer and is tensions to disappear.
Violet inspires and promotes peaceful feelings.
White gives you clarity.

To benefit from these effects, Garden owners can accordingly to replant their gardens and thereby implement color concepts. If, for example, large Lavender beds in warm summer nights of mild light beams are gently lit, it produces a distinctively tranquil atmosphere. Cheap to combine colors, it is worth to make a sophisticated plant planning. The post provides some suggestions to colors in the garden, on the balcony and terrace.

In a garden, which was created with a color-coordinated concept, coloured light sources are economical to use.
For example, one way is to illuminate individual beds in their heyday phase so that the colors are perfect. Light itself is doing in the background, the rich flowering plants are the stars.

In a white garden however, colored lights a unusual way to make lighting effects are selectively or comprehensively. Why a new livery at night give a gleaming white flowering shrub rose with a yellow orange color scale? LED technology makes it possible to implement in the garden of light experiments – on the plants themselves, the building or on the paving. Another advantage which is LED technology affects energy efficiency, which is gentle on your wallet.

light in the garden garden design ideas

Unusual and distinctive: Colored garden lights.

The last splash of color from the Garden have disappeared at the latest in late October / early November. Also then the topic suggests color itself again to the fore. Gardens, the with

bright paths are accessible or
light house walls

are also outside the growing season for individual light effect. The private garden does not become the pop colorful LightShow, more is less. Colored light better targeted walls, paths or art object, as to create a colourful spectacle too wild. Support get support garden owners in a landscape architecture firm. The Federation of German landscape architects (BDLA) provides an overview of registered landscape architects with its Online directory of planning offices .

Observe laws and regulations current in the garden-

As long as the garden lights with solar powered, so no underground cables are, to move or to connect outlets consumer can just go on your own. But when electric cables across through the ground, then article 13 paragraph 2 the low voltage connection Regulation (NAV)attack:

“The work must perform except by the operator only by an installation company that is registered to a network operator installer directory.”

In short: Garden owners come not trappings, to hire a specialist for electrical installations. The assignment should however only be when the lighting concept is. Otherwise it may lead to quick the electrician not according to personal or aesthetic, color concept relevant aspects suggests the position of the light sources, but the technical demands at the forefront. Electricians are not light designer and certainly no garden planner – concept development is therefore better hands in the hands of garden owners or their authorized landscape architect.

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Lamp as an art object

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