Lavender In A Pot – Provence Flair For The Home!

If you are intoxicated by the aroma of lavender, like its purple flowers and dream of being in a French lavender field, why not just bring the plant home? The lavender in the pot will change your home immediately and bring peace and Provance flair in your home.

Lavender in the pot ensures a nice aroma in the house and garden

The lavender from the past to today

In the past, lavender was an expensive plant that only royal persons could afford. The Romans have used the flowers for aromatic and relaxing baths, as they have found that the plant has a good effect on the skin. The Greeks were enchanted by the aroma and have learned to make perfume out of it.

It is well known that the Egyptians appreciated the beauty of the plant as well.

Over the years humanity has discovered that lavender not only looks and smells wonderful, but is also good for your health. And so the plant was also introduced to medicine. In addition to the preparation of medication, the doctors gave the pregnant women lavender stems, as the aroma relieves the labor pains. Today the lavender is used in cosmetics, perfumery, homeopathy, kitchen and in the house and garden.

Hand over a nice gift

The symbolism

In plant language, lavender also has its own symbolism. He symbolizes devotion, faithfulness and compassion. It is believed that the plant brings luck and therefore it is suitable as a gift. It should protect against envy and evil forces. She is given away to amorous couples, with the wish for a lot of family happiness.

The lavender needs the right care

Maintain lavender in the pot

The lavender can thrive as well as in the garden as well as in the pot. What is required of you is to provide good growth conditions and the plant will not worry you.

The plant likes sunny spots and needs at least 6 hours of sunlight per day. It does not like the cold and the wind, so choose a cozy corner for the lavender in the pot. When growing the lavender in the garden, place it next to the house wall or garden fence to keep it out of the wind.

Plant the lavender in a light pot as the dark ones attract the sun more. Experienced gardeners advise that ceramic pots are best for it. Choose a wider pot to allow the plant to root easily.

Plant lavender appropriately

The lavender prefers an alkaline and calcareous soil, which is well drained. One of the most common problems with lavender is that the roots rot with the accumulation of water. Water according to, but keep in mind that the lavender in the pot needs more watering than this outdoors.

Spring is the time when the plant should be put outdoors if it has spent the whole winter in the house. This is a great opportunity to decorate the small balcony or the terrace with it. This is also a good time to cut the lavender bushes.

In the warm months you can bring the lavender pots outside

6 reasons why you should grow lavender in the pot at home

  • The soothing fragrance will put you in the lavender fields of French Provence. Will also bring more cosiness in the house.
  • The flowers can be used as a spice for soups, fish dishes, sauces or as a decoration for various dishes.
  • A good medicine. With the lavender you can inhale and cure cold and cough. Lavender compresses help with skin problems like acne and rashes.
  • Lavender stems in the wardrobe drive away the moths.
  • Ensures more colors in the house and garden.

Are you now convinced that the lavender in the pot can do only good for your home and garden?

A plant that does the body good too

Protect the plant from wind and cold

Combine the lavender in the pot or box with other plants

Have you tried the lavender in the kitchen?

Use the lavender in the pot as a table decoration

Dry out the lavender

The lavender brings happiness to the house

You could too lavender oil do it Yourself

The plant likes sunny spots

Choose sufficiently large flowerpots