Ideas Shape The Perfect Patio

Scott McGillivray, host of HGTV’s income property, helps you to create the perfect patio. Viewing the idea exactly! It is worth!

Before you begin to plan the design of the terrace, you should first consider what is play it for a feature in your home. Because she must both enrich your life outdoors, as also the living space expand in summer.

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In the past, people were used to stand at the front of the portals and to look at the world and their movement. Nowadays all in their backyards have retreated. This, we decided for a design which harmonises with the interior design and added but the natural conditions of the outdoor. Here are a few information necessarily you need to know before you begin to design the perfect patio in your back yard.

The design of the porch

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I’ve seen everything. On the one hand, multi-storey built-in bars and chic accessories of water for many modern garden areas are typical. There are also very simple rooms, yet great looking, but the building will cost a fortune. Finally, you need a terrace which extends the living area and brings added value to your home. And if it was planned and built properly, it can take decades. First, decide what is fit for a kind of furniture the best to your needs. If your home is small, then a tiered veranda, which leads to the grass, can complement wonderful architecture from your veranda. If your yard is large and you want to get into some shape, then a special feature, such as the gazebo-covered Pergola can convert your yard into an image, that is worthy for the first page of a magazine.

Basics of building regulations

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The building codes have a fundamental importance when it comes to design a porch. Before you start your project, check with the regional authorities, whether you have the right to do so. If not, then you must get first a permit. The base of the patio must be based on a concrete structure. They must have the appropriate depth, width and levels. Still, you have to install railing if your terrace on more than 150 centimeters rising above the ground.

New technologies

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There are some new products on the market that are made from recycled materials, and have the look of real wood. Composite and PVC are some of my favorite pieces. With the price of 4 euro per square metre, they are slightly more expensive than the wood. However, they offer a wide range of colours and the possibility for further customization by the customer, as well as for decorative inlay. Wood-based panels are available also in rather longer, which also means that they have a few interfaces. This means that they can be integrated into the wall without leaving ugly traces of nails or holes. They will not rust and remain virtually forever.

The materials are of importance

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The majority of sun terraces, which are made in Germany, have been made from a pressure treated wood, because that is the best solution. Search for wood, that with no copper chromium-arsenic was modified, because these chemicals are known to have a particularly harmful effect on the health. It is also a very good idea to touch the materials with gloves and caution. With pressure treated wood materials require annual maintenance and seal, because they are not protected against moisture and weather very quickly. For the installation of a simple terrace you will have to pay around a professional between 1230 and 1800 euro.

A terrace made of wood

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A more expensive option, such as Cedar has natural properties that help to avoid damage to the items. It is twice as expensive, but this is an investment that will save you then quite a lot of work. Restoration must take place only in a few years back. Make sure that no cedar wood was used for the Foundation and the framework of the terrace, because this type of wood is soft and is no sufficient protection.

Everything is in the details

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Railings, stairs, posts, cover and balustrades are only a part of the elements that you can use to reshape your veranda. The mixing and matching of materials is also an option.

Railings, stairs, posts, cover and balustrades are used

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Schmeideeiserne balustrades with copper ceilings for example are very appealing. And some down tight exterior doors allowing collar for your stairs or painting your terrace in rich shades, gives this a nobler, urban look. Insert extra seating and storage space for your pillows or toys and already everything looks different. Now, you can enjoy an outdoor area, which is just as relaxing as a region with a cabin. But this is located in your backyard and you need long to drive to get there.

Lots of stairs lead to the terrace

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