Ideas For Simple And Homely Garden Design In Spring

The garden design can be very simple or expensive. It depends on the results you are aiming for. For some plants to grow in the spring or early summer, you should have taken care of it the year before. They should have been scheduled months in advance. It would have to be protected against frost and fertilized as a precaution. But there are also simple strategies for spicing up the garden in spring. If you consider this as an extension of the living area, then the following procedures would be right for you!

In this garden design you have a fusion of natural and artificial elements

garden design - courtyard with a lot of green

Garden design with flowers from flower pots

You can buy many spring plants in flowerpots and plant them in the soil. This allows you to integrate large variety of varieties in your garden design, without costly provisional care. Concentration in this case should be directed to good choice of plants.

Be sure to research for various tips and ideas. These are different for each type of plant. pansy or Schneeglocken others require different care and where other criteria are required.

Modern surfaces on several levels – so you can also design your garden

Lighting and beautiful paths gardening

Leave some of the plants in flower pots

Are you still not sure what kind of concept you want to design for your garden design? Maybe you can choose between one monochrome, modern or living, contrasting appearance do not decide? Then you can use many flower pots and planters in this garden. These can easily be moved from one place to another. So you have the opportunity, with different design concepts, with different Textures and colors to experiment.

A modern garden can be designed on the balcony

garden design with a staircase idea

Integrate raised beds

Raised beds make every garden design a lot easier. They protect the plants from pests and, depending on their height, they can help us look after the garden design without compromising our back health. You do not have to bend over so much! That’s a great perspective, right? You can buy raised beds or build them yourself or have them specially made for your garden. Incidentally, they can also have a decorative value. A great way to beautify your own garden design on several levels.

Simple accents with furniture are certainly part of modern garden design

garden design with recliner and table

New garden paths and furniture

If you consider garden design as an open plan living area, then you can beautify it by designing the garden paths and integrating new furniture. The plants will then play a minor role. They should make the atmosphere more comfortable and fresher. Flank the paths and furniture, secure shade over a bench.

Decorate the garden with wicker furniture and planters in a similar way. A great idea!

garden design with planter and furniture for relaxation

Act practically oriented

In order to transform the garden design in time for the spring, one must above all be creative. You should find a way to make the most of your outdoor space with as few resources as possible. Just decide whether you give priority to furniture or plants. Would you rather have a near-natural or practical, functional garden? What exactly do you want: room enlargement for relaxation or more comfortable tread? Decide practically and look for the shortest and most beautiful way to reach your goal!

Modern ideas for garden design often look like works of art!

Courtyard gardening modern idea

Green and gray can be wonderfully combined to create a modern garden

courtyard residential garden design

Many modern ideas for garden design have a symbolic value

gravel and flanking plants in garden design

Against an orange-brown background like this one in the picture, the modern garden design comes into its own

modern contrasty garden design
modern plants and furniture for garden design
modern minimalist garden garden design
natural materials for gardening idea
plant containers made of various materials for landscaping
beautiful blue furniture gardening idea
beautiful paths and seating area surrounded by beautiful garden design
stones and exotic atmosphere in garden design
structuring and landscaping with raised beds
great place made of stones for landscaping
great square space for landscaping
wall with great plants for garden design