Great Design Plants: Succulent Garden

great design plants flowers redGreat design plants: succulent garden

Each succulent characterized weird – Aeonium has colorful leaves, the agave with its size and grandeur, the House sausages are Hardy.

With ancestry from Mexico and South of America, the Echeverien thrive well in mild conditions. Because of their color, grayish blue leaves and perennial flowers, they are the most popular succulent. Many gardeners may have problems with the cold sensitivity, but the plant can grow in pots of autumn until spring.

Botanical name: Echeveria spp.Common names: EcheverienLocation: Hardy to 0 degreesWater requirements: moderate

Light requirements: full of sunshine, but needs protection against the strongest sunshine still

Height: depending on the type ofResistance: dry tolerant.Main vegetation period: Evergreen; blühtet in summerCultivation time: Plant cutting or offshoot from spring to autumn; Let the stems become hard

On the screen: Echeveria in bloom, rear stands Aeonium

Each succulent characterized especial

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On the screen: Echeveria ‘Zorro’

Succulents bloom in the summer

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Description. Echeveria forms rosettes in green, grey green and purple colours, with coloured edge. The color is long intensive year-round, even in the winter you can enjoy beautiful leaves in the garden.

Unlike many Succulents, the Echeverien can bloom several times within a year. In summer you find stems with grape flowers, in your garden often in pink and yellow.

On the screen: Echeveria ‘Afterglow’

Echeveria forms rosettes in green, grey green and purple colours, with coloured rim

great design plant green red

On the screen: Echeveria ‘Imbricata’

The color is throughout the year long intensive

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Use. You can rely on the Echeverien en masse, in the flower pot or along a stony shore. Depending on your climate and style features, you have many options. The landscape architect Jack Kiesel uses Echeverien “Afterglow” as an accent plant in the garden, because it is shade-tolerant and can brighten up darker point of the garden. He combines it with other succulent species and with contrasting grasses. You must care, away from the strong foot traffic to grow the Echeverien.

Echeveria ‘Afterglow’ in wide stripes with blue head grass, blue fescue, wild oats and a mixture of dragon tree Agave and orange Libertia is peregrinans in the picture.

These wonderful plants decorate your garden

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On the screen: Echeveria ‘Afterglow’

Succulents freshen the Interior

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Echeverien are often planted in flower pots. Thus, they are may and easy to clean in the summer and winter.

Extreme summer conditions need the plant protection from the Sun

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Extreme summer conditions need the plant protection from the Sun. At Frost times take the plants inside, where there is ample direct light.

On the screen: Echeveria subrigida