Fire Bowls Create A Cosy Atmosphere In Your Garden

Shells of fire – cosy atmosphere in your garden

Fire bowls can be found already in the antiquity and have lost to in the postmodernism of functionality and benefits. They were used in the past frequently to ensure sufficient lighting, they are today mainly a welcome source of heat in the garden. On balmy summer evenings, braziers invite to linger. Their viewers on a very special way and white enchant you. The flames, the heat and the quiet crackling of burning wood create a cosy and convivial atmosphere. Especially children are absolutely thrilled by the “camp fire characteristics” a fire Bowl.

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Open fire – as a constant companion of man – can be brought back with a fire Bowl in its most pristine form in the home garden. The cosy atmosphere in the foreground must not stand, but the fire Bowl to meet a practical benefits as well. As a camp fire for grilling sausages or stick bread or in combination with a swivel Grill for convivial barbeque evenings.

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Fire bowls made of steel or iron

There are fire shells in different materials. Braziers dominated originally made of clay, terracotta or earthenware, so especially models made of iron, steel and stainless steel have prevailed in the course of time. The advantages of metal fire bowls are here clearly obvious: they are much more robust and stable, at the same time also much more heat-resistant. In addition to shells of fire cast iron models made of steel are preferred majority. This is due mainly to the considerable weight difference. Cast iron shells of fire often exhibit a very high weight and can be therefore difficult to carry or reposition. Whereas, depending on the size of course, have a significantly lower weight steel fire Bowl. In addition, cast iron is somewhat brittle, i.e. pieces can break off theoretically’s, when for example a fire Bowl is dropped. Steel shells of fire are almost indestructible in contrast.

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The proper handling of fire bowls

Open fire many convey a feeling of romance, comfort and coziness. When all the beautiful sensations associated with a roaring fire, to keep always the it risks in mind. That’s why fire bowls should never be on a flammable surface. Also the lawn is no ideal location because the heat of the fire also radiate down and thus can scorch the turf. Best fire shells should be on stone floors, gravel or crushed stone to be placed. Furthermore, no flammable items should be located in the immediate vicinity of a fire Bowl. So rather somewhat store fire wood.

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