Cut Climbing Roses Or How To Cultivate The Garden Professionally

Have you ever wondered why climbing roses are among the best decorative elements in garden design? The answer to the question would be: because of their untypical stylish look. Climbing roses give every garden, every event and every facade a fresh and inviting feeling. The fairy-tale effect of the flowers could only be produced 100% with the right care. For this reason, our editorial team would like to present a short guide that will ensure a good end result.

According to experts, the period between the end of February and mid-March is considered the perfect timing for cutting the climbing roses. The more correct the climbing roses are cut, the more elegant the flowers will blossom later. The main task is that the climbing roses are designed so that they reach an optimal height. You can do this by using a correct sequence of tips. Do not forget that cutting the roses is not a design tip, but an important step in the care of the flowers.

Cut climbing roses and form an elegant shape

cutting climbing roses (11)

Preparation and removal of the branches

In the spring is the best time to determine which climbing roses have survived the low temperatures. Check the flowers very carefully and determine which flowers are damaged. So you can take special measures that will help the climbing roses.

Make a list of the flowers that have weathered the bad weather and highlight each species. This is because many species of climbing roses are cut several times during the year. Thanks to a table, you can write down the data more accurately and thus get an informative overview of the care of the garden.

After you summarize the information, the next step comes – The selection of tools. A high quality rose scissor offers many advantages when the product is sharp and rust free. Experts recommend the use of quality tools that could be used every year. So you better put more emphasis on the professional equipment!

Equipment is ready, climbing roses are after species sorted and now there is still the removal of the right parts such as branches, shoots, etc.

Pay attention to the qualitative equipment!

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Design the right shape

Cut climbing roses and make an elegant shape. Yes, it sounds easy, but in reality this task is much more difficult. In the first place one should be informed about the removal of the branches, before it is too late. It is important that you disinfect the tools after removal from the various branches. So you avoid the danger of transferring the germs from the sick shoots to healthy climbing roses. So keep the scissors clean after removing dead branches.

Determine a high form of climbing roses and remove the cross-growing branches. So you create a straight shape that will provide many prying eyes in summer. You determine the shape to your taste, so cut the climbing roses carefully! Do not let these branches stop and cut the climbing roses slightly diagonally. The reason for this is that very often a lot of rainwater could enter the interface. You should definitely avoid this and focus on a perfect cut. Thus you protect the flowering climbing roses. Exceptions are the well-developed shoots. Try bending the bow sideways, as these climbing roses bloom beautifully. Find an alternative for the shoots that also look weak. Compare the branches and cut the weak and sick.

In the following picture gallery, our editorial team has selected idea with climbing roses, which can serve as a template for their shape. Take a look at the examples and discuss the forms with other rose friends!

Your climbing roses could look so beautiful

Cut climbing roses or how to cultivate the garden professionally

Cut branches that are transversely

cutting climbing roses (10)

Shapely design with red climbing roses

cutting climbing roses (20)

cutting climbing roses (1)

Form straight to improve the appearance

cutting climbing roses (2)

cutting climbing roses (3)

Climbing roses make for an elegant appearance

cutting climbing roses (4)

cutting climbing roses (5)

Also use wood constructions as attachment

cutting climbing roses (6)

cutting climbing roses (7)

Form a shapely construction

cutting climbing roses (8)

cutting climbing roses (9)

Remove the smaller branches!

cutting climbing roses (12)

cutting climbing roses (13)

cutting climbing roses (14)

Remove branches that have a negative effect on the optics

cutting climbing roses (15)

Cut sick and weak branches

cutting climbing roses (16)

Cut Climbing Roses – so you upgrade the garden design positively!

cutting climbing roses (17)

In the summer you will have a perfect end result!

cut climbing roses