Biogarten On The Terrace – A Healthy Self-production!

The safest way to know how our food is made is to breed the products ourselves. All of them know this, but they do not have a big backyard. But actually the own terrace would be enough. How you can design a biogarten on the terrace, we would like to show you today by means of some tips and tricks.

It is true that certain conditions must also be fulfilled in this case.

Sun terrace without strong external influences

Convert the roof terrace into garden

For your bio garden you need a terrace, which is irradiated at least 5 hours, preferably also 6 hours a day by the sun. There must be no wind or pull. It would be best to go south.

Matching flower pots

In an organic garden you can not compromise with the appropriate flower heads.

These should have a suitable drainage and also appropriate size. At least four holes had to be on the ground. If the purchased ones have no or fewer holes, add some with the drilling machine.

Ensure good conditions for growing

Terraced pictures bio vegetable terraced ideas

Special Earth

They also need to get the special soil and the nutrients that make the healthy environment of a biogarten. These include organic liquid fertilizers, peat, coconut fiber. The latter are particularly important because they keep the moisture better. It is also important that you follow the instructions on the package strictly.

It is also important that you know the origin of the seeds very well. The best thing is to come from an organic farm with a good reputation.

Biogarten on the own terrace

Bio garden terrace design ideas building vegetables

Biogarten – Even the eggplant can grow on the terrace

Organic products terraces ideas organic vegetables

Strawberries on the terrace

Seeds with a well-tested origin

Bioproducts terrace design ideas bio garden

What vegetables would you grow?

Bio garden terrace design pictures vegetable growing
The terrace in biogarten convert

Organic peppers on the own terrace breed

Bio vegetable terraces ideas vegetable grow

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Turn your terrace into an organic garden

Vegetable growing organic vegetable terraces ideas

Organic garden – An irrigation system for the vegetables

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Self-production from the terrace

Fresh leaf salad for the summer

Terraces ideas bio vegetable vegetables grow

Self-production always tastes best

Vegetable growing terraces ideas bio vegetable

Lemons on the terrace

Organic garden – strawberries on the terrace?

Terrace design ideas vegetable garden bio garden

A great idea to improve the gray city view

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Biogarten with sunflowers on the terrace

How do you find this terraced garden design?

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Cucumber in the pot

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