7 Structures For An Attractive Atrium

attractive Atrium plants flowers white fence tree house7 structures for an attractive Atrium

The Atrium serves as a transition between the residential area and our personal space. For this reason, its functions are very important. The Atrium is also the first thing the neighbors to see if they are in front of your House.

Large, structuring pieces playing super important for the overall design. So consider the constellation and building exactly.

Garden arbours

This ensures an extremely Austria-Hungary atmosphere in the atrium. As if you speak to the guests: “Come on, join us for a while!”. Doing this work well both modern and traditional buildings.

In this picture the white curtain covered with roses looks very traditional, while the angle steel with the bent Evergreen rather represents a modern element.

Advice: Resist the temptation to replant the Garden House too much. First, check the size of the grape vine that you want to use. The right measure prevents diseases.

The fences should be not too high

attractive Atrium plants flowers fence white tree

2. fences

Not every Atrium needs a fence. He can but help to provide a boundary between the road and the garden. The fences in the front yard should work much after the House friendlier and more open than those.

The fences all too should high be. The optimal size is between 0.9 and 1.2 meters high. So the neighbors can see well without having the feeling to walk into. I like best the classic white piles, the rustic picket fence and out horizontal card expansion. Main thing that fits the selected style to your home.

If correctly placed, the entrance defines the boundary between the outside world and the Interior wonderfully

attractive Atrium plants flowers House fence tree

3. goals

This could be eingebatut in the fence. So, they will signal the visitors best which way they should choose. If correctly placed, the entrance beautifully defines the boundary between the outside and inside. Inputs are often not really necessary. However, they are separating two areas.

Advice: Carefully choose the hardware of your gate. Hard-to-acting door inputs could be frustrating!

Why will the art be moved to their house in the backyard?

attractive Atrium plants flowers House

4. works of art

Why will the art be moved to their house in the backyard? This, I mean not the small, kitschy pieces, but really good. Those who have been made of materials suitable for outdoor use are still appropriate.

Under no circumstances you should place pieces of glass under large trees, because the herunterfallenen branches could destroy them.

Statues give the feeling of timelessness and the grace of the garden

attractive Atrium plants flowers statue

5. statues

Statues of course among the works of art. But they have a very strong presence. You give the feeling of timelessness and the grace of the garden. These should be kept to the minimum in the atria. The background should be the best of Evergreen.

Advice: The statue can be very difficult. Determine the place where she should be so that it is also right there provided and delivery carefully and completely.

The water installations provide sensual experience for you

attractive Atrium plants flowers red fountain

6 fountain

The water installations provide sensual experience for you and your guests like no other. The murmuring and plainsong, the sight of the waterfall and cooling the hot days can be compared to another with nothing.

Make sure that your fountain has the size correct for your farm.

Do you have an atrium with a steep slope?

attractive Atrium plants flowers purple grass

7 retaining wall

Do you have an atrium with a steep slope? Then, you must install retaining wall, most likely. So the Court will be more accessible, and the erosion is kept to the minimum.

The Stüztmauer might be different types. They can be put together from various parts. We see an example in the picture here. You can get a fine gradation effect and use various materials complete the eye.

A rock from Cabinet blocks ensures a very clean appearance. The larger pebbles, which were nested in the Earth, casual look.

Steel rims are a contemporary solution and have rustic elegance.

The above-mentioned applies in particular to the cases dealing with low walls. In other cases one should overtake the permission from the authorities and the advice of professional farmers.

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