5 Gardening Tips For A Productive Harvest

So that the own garden becomes particularly colorful, fertile and thus profitable, some things must be considered. With the following 5 garden tips your garden becomes a real oasis.

Gardening tips for best results

gardening gardening tips good harvest

1.The A & O: the floor

The soil is the foundation of every garden. If this is not optimally cared for, plants can not grow and thrive. But mostly just the garden floor is given too little care and attention. Only when the own soil is properly interpreted and understood, the harvest can turn out profitably. But how can I as a layman perform an analysis? The easiest option would be a professional soil analysis. Here, samples can be sent to specific laboratories to determine the exact components of the earth.

Those who do not want to invest any money can also determine the earth themselves through a simple trick. The garden soil must first be slightly moistened, then to form a small ball in the hand. If this ball breaks up, it is crumbly sandy soil. If the globe stays in its shape and is smooth and slightly sticky, it is clay soil. If both criteria are met, it is a mixed form of sandy and loamy soil.

gardening tips gardening fruits and vegetables

2. Fertilize biologically!

Many plants require additional support in the form of nutrient-rich fertilizer. In order to do without chemical substances and pesticides, organic fertilizers can be produced independently. Especially for fruit and vegetables should be used on this, in order to consume the fruits without hesitation.

A light preparation of a biological fertilizer would be a nettle smoothie. This nettles must be pureed with some water to a pulp. This is again stretched with water, so that the nutrients can be absorbed by the plant.

beetle useful gardening tips gardening

3. attract beneficials!

Not only we, the gardeners, but also numerous beneficial insects provide for a profitable garden. For the fertilization of the plants alone, insects that pollinate the blossoms by flying back and forth make sure that they flower. In addition to bees and bumblebees, butterflies and flies are also useful pollinators. In addition, animals as well as worms and beetles are useful for loosening and enriching the garden soil.

In order to attract these useful animals, it needs a natural garden, which has a colorful mix of different plant species. In addition, small cairns can provide a suitable habitat for many species.

However, it is very important to do without chemistry and poison! The more natural and biological the garden is, the more beneficials can be in this life.

fruits and vegetables gardening tips good harvest

4. The plant calendar

So that you can celebrate a fruitful and colorful garden year, you must pay attention to the specifics of the plants used. Because not every plant can be planted at the same time. Every month of the year brings with it other tasks. To keep track, there are ready-made plant calendars, which each month the matching plant species, summarizing their properties at a glance. The Plant Calendar of Gong e.g. is available online for free.

5. Interplay of plants

In order to stimulate soil fertility in your home garden, it is recommended to regularly change plant varieties. Likewise, the right arrangement in your own bed is important so that each plant can develop sufficiently:

  • Smaller plants should always be planted in front of larger ones, so that they can be supplied with sufficient sunlight.
  • Some plants do not understand each other. Therefore, it is important to be informed about the compatibility with each other before planting.
  • Mixed cultures in the bed not only have a positive effect on the plants and the soil, but also provide an ideal basis for life for beneficial insects.

If you follow these tips, you can look forward to a productive and colorful garden!

good harvest gardening gardening tips fruits and vegetables
garden tips good harvest fruits and vegetables