13 Ideas For The Backyard And Garden Design, Which Your Imagination Ignite

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Summer is the time in which it is asleep resting in the garden. This applies particularly to the people who live in regions with warm climates.

Now is the perfect time, sits at home and you plant the garden design but. You think about it, what it can be used for plants. Could you might establish more edibles, water games, flower boxes, or a whole series of rooms outside?

Take time and dreaming of a new garden plan in the winter. While holding a steaming cup of tea in hand. When spring arrives, you will be ready.

Thinking about these ideas, then you can create your own design.

Ideas for the backyard and garden design – remember your backyard like on a series of outdoor rooms

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Think of your backyard like on a series of outdoor rooms

We see a picture of Austin, Texas. Here one manages a fire pit, outdoor kitchen, spotless joining patio with dining area and Playhouse for the children within a single open concept. Think of the areas of activity in your garden. There doing something new, what you would like to include this year? Each family member has a place in the yard, where she can play and relax? Consider some new ideas for more fun.

Provide for your garden

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Plan stairs and paths between different areas in the garden.

The manner is important for the good functioning of the outdoor spaces as you move between different zones. Consider adding stairs, terraces, gravel, or stepping stones between these into consideration. You can replace the material at the bottom. You can use shotgun, concrete and grass in some areas paver and others -.

Relax in the patio

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Make small spaces more functional. Clearly define the different zones

Your room is smaller, the more important it is to define the boundaries of the different zones. In this back yard here, we see a patio next to the House, which is covered with large concrete blocks. The raised beds are located on the entire fence along and a Barbequebereich is located at the end of the Court. A green-covered zone keeps the Center open and flexible.

The water is particularly good for screening of noise

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Enrich the urban farm by a unique water feature

Backyards in the city need special planning. With neighbours and the heavy traffic in the vicinity, the noise can prove to be a problem. The room might feel too closely. The water games can cover up the sound and if they are properly used, it can give the character of a secret garden backyard so.

In the displayed room here, a fine stepping stone serves as a connection between the patio and the area on the other side. The latter has Club chairs and small food garden.

The water is particularly good for cloaking sounds. Draw a fountain or a waterfall for the backyard into consideration. The image here is from the city of San Francisco. The water surrounds the deck and this appears as a floating element. This created a beautiful haven in the city centre.

Great plants

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Give the feeling of a private seating area

They have a seating area in your yard, but you very rarely use it? If this is the case, then confidentiality is probably an important issue. Even if you do not see the neighbors or hear, are you better feel, if your privacy is better protected.

Bushes and Creepers can serve as a living wall. Solidly constructed benches, plant containers and sunroofs can increase the feeling of confidentiality and secrecy.

If the neighbors are too close, pull even constructing a water feature into consideration. This will hide your own calls and reduce the disruptive effect of the conversations in the yard.

Shrubs and vines can be used as a living wall

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Pull the cleaning out your fence into consideration

If you live in a region where lack of water often occurs, then you will without likely once and forever on the green grass. Large perennial beds are much suitable in this case. You could combine these wonderful paths and seating areas. You are clearly the better alternative.

The back yard, which is shown here, has a small alley and sculptures, which lead the look to the House. To reach a rather romantic look. You will never miss the grass in a decorated room.

Afford it themselves to get upset during the landscaping

There is a method of garden design in which you absolutely overdoes it with the plants (you just need to know that they needed some more water). So reaching the garden look of a holiday home. To install this with the art of organizing of a wedding in connection, but the effort pays off through the illuminating effect. Just make sure that the plants, for which you have chosen bloom at different times of the year. Your garden will never completely unadorned look.

Expand your living space by a deck.

Regardless the size of your yard, you drag the transition space between the indoor and outdoor considering. Can you easily go through between the two? If you have large glass or French sliding door, leads into the deck, will lead them to the outside. Even on a small terrace, it has enough room for some pots with kitchen herbs, plump pillows and a few chairs.

Perfect backyard

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Get more out of the secondary areas

Do something with your side yard? Have you already given up, because you felt that he is anyway too small for anything? Then drag a different look into consideration. Maybe you can clean this up and add vines and groves of witches, to secure a better view from the House. If you find a bit more space, you give place for a barbecue with gas, compost containers and storage shed.

Do something with your side yard?

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Add edible plants

Even a small yard can accommodate some pots with pepper and herbs. You will be surprised how easily they will fit in one or two raised beds and grow there. Have you considered adding a garden of edible plants into consideration because already? Start with a small, which is easy to work. Plant on there vegetables and herbs, which you like to eat. If you choose local products, these are fit well with your climate and be easy to maintain.

Redesign your beds

Here will be the speech of small changes with a big effect. This includes about working out a new curves richer boundary, where the beds were previously only just arranged. This kind of design creates a more dynamic atmosphere. You need to remember only that the beds are curvy, the harder it will be to mow around it.

Draw your ideas on paper

Represents an invaluable means to bring the bird view on a map. While you must be no artist to create such. Just go into the courtyard and with a Terminal leaf in his hand and bring the basic shape of your court on the paper. Next, you should introduce the permanent facilities such as your House, the trees and the line of the plot. In your warm home you could use a pencil, to add the properties that you want to integrate. Such a plan can be particularly helpful in the spring if you have to note where you have planted the seeds.

Create a magical evening atmosphere

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Create a magical evening atmosphere

Make the coming summer evenings magical by brightening the outside and particularly the areas around your seating area and along the way. You should follow the following principle: you decide for several, but smaller lights instead of less, that are really big.