10 Interesting Facts About The Tulips

The tulips are the most popular spring flowers decorating the house and garden. While we enjoy the beautiful and magnificent tulip colors and make our day more colorful and cheerful, we have decided to look for some interesting facts about this fascinating flower. Are you curious? Read more…

Worth knowing facts about these beautiful spring flowers

Various colored tulips and interesting facts

A flower with rich diversity

The tulips can be divided into about 150 different species. In fact, there are more than 3,000 species that are bred naturally and genetically all over the world. New tulip species are constantly being created, but every single species takes at least 20 years, from the first cultivation stage, until it enters the flower stores.

The tulip has its own symbol

These flowers have an enormous variety of meanings, because each color symbolizes something different. In general it is assumed that the tulips are a symbol of love and the beginning of spring. The red tulips are an expression of true love. With the Whites you can ask for forgiveness and the Lilafarbenen are a sign of royality. It is interesting that the colorful tulip bouquet is accepted as a compliment for the eyes of the recipient.

In earlier times its value was equated with the diamond

The tulips were unknown in Europe until the sixteenth century. A decade later they also spread in the Netherlands and around the middle of the 17th century the tulips were traded at an extremely high price. Only one flower was worth much more than most of the apartments and cost about ten times more than the annual income of a rich artisan.

An almost perfect flower shape

Tulips in a beautiful color

The tulips have almost a perfect shape

They are known by their bold colors and beautiful shapes and the majority of the species are almost perfectly symmetrical. The flowers are usually single or in small flower inflorescences. The upright flowers are threefold, hermetic and bell-shaped to cup-shaped. The petals are more or less differently shaped.

Use in the kitchen possible

Like many other flowers, the tulips are also edible! These flowers can be used as a substitute for onion in many recipes and also for wine production.

Interesting: In fact, the tulips in the Second World War were often consumed by people who could not afford any other food.

A Persian name origin

Yellow tulips meadow

An interesting origin of the name

The name of the tulip has the same root with the Latin word”tulip”and the Persian”dulband”in the Western European countries, whose languages ​​mostly come from Latin. This name gets the flower because of its specific shape, which is compared with a turban.

The tulip is from the family of the lilies

These flowers are also associated with another beautiful spring flower: the lily. They are from the family of the lilies, which includes the lilies, the onion, the garlic and the asparagus.

The black tulip as a popular plant selection

The queen of the night

“The Queen of the Night”- the most popular tulip

The tulips enchant with their bright and sunny colors, they are actually cultivated in every color, except in blue (there are blue tulips, but they have a violet shimmer). One of the most interesting colors is so dark that under a certain light incident the Tulip all black looks. For this unique nuance the tulip is called”Queen of the Night”and is one of the most popular and extravagant tulip species.

Tulips are independent plants

The tulip begins its life as an onion. However, the tulip worms differ from those of other plants, because they contain nutrients that are sufficient for their survival and growth.

The origin of the colorful pattern

An interesting tulip coloring

The colorful pattern is an infection result

The original, overflowing pattern of some tulip species, which decorates the petals, was actually the result of virus infection. The first who had noticed this infection was the Dutch botanist Carol Klasius. He is considered the man who popularized the tulips in Holland. Klasius managed to create many new color variations and some of them were even asked. Today, this unusual coloring is consciously achieved and allows an enormous variety of colors.

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Simply enjoy the beautiful and magnificent tulip colors

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The tulips are the most popular spring flowers decorating the house and garden

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The tulip begins its life as an onion

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