State Of The Art Garden Furniture Set From Teak By Tribu

sunbed pad white teak wood concrete garden furniture set from teak

Have ever thought about, how you can set up your garden

The leading brand of garden furniture Tribu has made the decision to transform itself into a manufacturer of important agency. She does it so that she can be competitive in the current garden facility. It begins to produce facility that combines the concepts of aesthetics and comfort in contrast to other products. The boundaries between the projects by internal and external body away increasing with the disintegration in architectural thinking of the time, the paradigm of Tribu comparison size in new, changing, institution for all products for the leisure.

Garden furniture set made of teakTransform your outdoor area into a proper OASIS!

pool garden natural garden furniture set from teak

Artists have Programmschrifte. States have constitutions. Tribu has a small bunch of writings that she calls her core. “The documents are decades ago have been published.” They are alive, they devised is the world and our customers are also changing”, says the company boss by Tribu Koen de Cock, that Lode is the eldest son of the owner. “I think we have changed it approximately ten times.” These documents are based on the core values of the company, which is the basis of tribe: “Trendsetzend, always still überzeitlich, configuring. Sustainable products. Garden furniture set made of teak from high-quality materials, authorising customization. A variety garden furniture, which can be used also in the House. And additional amount of architecture for the whole project.”

Enjoy your meal in the open air!

natural environment dining wood garden furniture set from teak

Tribù MO is counted together innovation, the Association, the aesthetic comfort, sustainability and durability of the Canax. Sustainability is taken very seriously by the company. “We use only teak wood,” said de cock.  “Also many aluminium products with high pressure are adjusted, which means zero waste and many recycled materials.” Nevertheless, Tribù appreciates the critical role played by the sustainability thereby. Our garden furniture set made of teak timeless design and high quality it has. We have regular customers who purchase 20 years our products and use. Only minor repairs are needed after long use and like the designers are. It’s ultimate sustainability. “

Minimalist but very ergonomic Interior outdoor

natural sun garden furniture set from teak garden

Appears with this target group, there is an expansion on the markets of Tribu. 66% of its sales territory located in Europe (France, Belgium, Italy and Germany). There are plans to develop the operating in Southwest Asia. Their newest occurrence shows the project to the architects and planners in particular on enlargement of the markets at Maison & objet Asia in Singapore. “You are excited to figure it out, there is a new, trusted player on the market, which is set to the value added in their projects,” said de cock. “All the discussions we have held with the architects, are extremely positive.”

Soft padded Chair

fabric couch table round garden furniture set from teak

Like to drink your coffee at the pool?

teak wood garden furniture pool table

The canopy provides sun protection in summer

garden furniture set from teak canopy