Perfectly Prepare The Terrace Furniture For The Summer

Terrace furniture has been designed to last very long under harsh conditions. But that does not mean they can do without care. On the contrary, they must be nurtured so that they last as long as possible.

Basic for the care of terraces furniture

Usually, terraces are available in the following materials: aluminum, plastic, wood, stainless steel and synthetic fibers. They each show quite different properties. A universal means, which maintains its quality in the long run, would be hardly to be found.

As general rule of thumb, there are hardly any. One might be that you should take care of cleaning once a month.

Also, there are some home remedies, which can be easily used in the care of the terraces furniture. These have a relatively robust character, because they are intended for outdoor use. So you can achieve a pretty good effect with soap and water.

The furniture for the outdoor area should not only be comfortable, but also clean

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wicker furniture

Terrace furniture can be maintained very well with a pressure cleaner. You would usually have to use the lowest level. Remember, of course, not to remove any fabric, fabric pillow or other textile fabric before cleaning.

Do not cover the terrace furniture before complete drying.

Apply a lacquer on it. They will now be shiny and water resistant. Even if the wicker furniture is water and weather resistant, it is not the fabrics that come on it. So, when you are not using them, take them away and leave them in a safe place.

A new lacquer coating for wood furniture

Wood furniture a new paint

wood furniture

Outdoor furniture made of wood Require a regular varnishing to remain resistant to external conditions. In the rest of the time, it should be more than enough that you care for them with soap and water.

Clean the terrace furniture with a metal frame

Aluminum, wrought iron and stainless steel must be cleaned with soap and water. Most of the modern metal materials are not rusting and therefore, like many others, are very easy to care for.

Terrace furniture made of resin

This type of terrace furniture is the most comfortable. Clean this with clean water and leave the furniture time to dry. Mold, which could form times, is also easy to remove. Mix a cup of bleach, a cup of suitable cleansing agent and dissolve all of this in a container full of water.

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Acrylic furniture

The acrylic cushions should be removed from the terrace furniture before cleaning this type. First, you should treat possible spots with mild soap and water. Then you should clean everything completely with pure water.

Terrace furniture made of fabric

Let us come to the terraces of fabric. These are somewhat the hanging mats or the lie mats of a robust fabric. Modern washing machines have special programs that are suitable for their cleaning. For the white you could also use a gentle bleach.

The frames should be cleaned according to the material as in the points just described.

Do not leave this type of terrace furniture in the winter outside!

Make the terrace furniture perfectly clean

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Clean the furniture for the terrace

The metal furniture needs a new paint coat every few years

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Use a special wood furniture care product

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The upholstery and decoration cushions should be cleaned separately

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Wood furniture for the terrace

The terrace furniture made of metal should be cleaned as little as possible with water

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A beautiful seat group made of rattan

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