So Can You Your Winter Garden Figures – 5 Creative Interior Design Ideas

winter garden figures 5 decorating tips tea drinking

5 creative design ideas for your winter garden

You count yourself among the lucky ones who could own a home with a winter garden or hire an object with this comfortable extra? Then you not give this place, because it can be used equally well as a relaxation area or functional area.

Fashion winter garden

winter garden figures 5 decorating tips

Idea 1: winter garden as a cozy reading room

For bookworms there is nothing more beautiful than a reading room with its own small library – but in many homes, the rooms have already been allocated. Who is concerned about a winter garden for quite some time, but still no idea for the establishment of had, who could use the extra space for a cosy reading room. With shelves full of books that are out also open to the rear, they offer not only a certain privacy, but look also from the garden beautiful. Only a few plants, a floor lamp with reading light and a cozy sitting area complete the reading room. A special highlight is a hammock, which invites you not only to read, but is also well suited to day dreams with view into the garden. If you have no possibility for an attachment, then a hammock with a ground frame is offered. Such a hammock there is E.g. on – it is not only extra large and can carry up to 150 kg, but she can be placed in the summer in the garden, which she is different.

Idea # 2: tea party in the winter garden

A nice idea for the winter garden is the creation of a Teestübchens. An ergometric reflects warmth, comfort and cosiness – you must make use of these features in your winter garden. How about, for example, a traditional sofa with floral print or the classic Wingback seats? A small table – of course can and some potted plants, round the ergometric with top cover – on the tea will be served. To learn which plants best in winter gardens thrive in this article from

winter garden design decorating tips tea with lemon drink

Idea 3: winter garden for the Home Office

Often, even the room as a teacher to set up a separate work room author or architect is missing in the House. Your winter garden has a heating and is well insulated, it may well work rooms be used as. Of course, you should place there any massive and dark furniture. They would completely destroy the lightness, a winter garden is usually transmitted. As for the “work room with glass walls and a glass roof” shelves and desks with launchers from stainless steel, shelves and worktops made of safety glass are offered. To be always optimal working conditions, you should think also of efficient shading. The usable range of decorative and at the same time functional solar panels to sensor-controlled indoor and outdoor awnings for conservatories.

Idea 4: fitness room with view to the garden

Having a gym at home is the desire of many people. Often be used cellars, which have to offer but not as a pleasant environment like a winter garden. With free views of a colourful or snow-covered garden, the sport much fun. In the selection of sports gear, you should look at family fitness but that are with your sporting activities as a model for your children. Equipment such as treadmills, cross trainers, Ergometer and rowing machines can adapt well to the body size. Another idea for the assembling of a gym in the winter garden would be, for example, a ping pong table with folding mechanism.

Idea 5: winter garden de luxe – the wellness oasis

You envy all the stars and starlets to the huge bathroom, where even a whirlpool place? You can enjoy even the views over the gardens to relax in a hot tub, if to one of the portable models in your winter garden. The hot tub in the winter garden has the advantage that you can use it without any problems all year round over the operation in the garden or on the terrace. You could set up also a solarium with a suitable electricity in the winter garden. Chairs with massage function would be a good investment as well, if you want to convert your glass mounted in a wellness oasis. However, you should not forget protecting insight in this type of equipment. Complementing the window pretty printed snap blinds or colored Venetian blinds are offered in this case.

Bottom line: The design of the winter garden almost are no limits your imagination. You can use it as an extension of your home or converted him into a functional room with a special equipment, which until now has been missing you in your home. Of course, you can set up the winter garden as a party area or for your children make the play paradise complete.

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