Garden Pools: A Refreshing Breeze For The Summer

We can not deny that we, too, dream of a garden pool that brings yearning freshness in the summer. A beautiful and functional addition to the house, the garden pools turn into a fulcrum, especially in summer. Especially if you have children, they will be the first enthusiasts for this idea. But we can not hide that the pool a large initial budget and later maintenance costs. It is important to think about some questions in advance.

Garden pools create a dreamlike atmosphere outside

  • What size and location should the garden pool have?

It is necessary in advance to do a hydrogeological and engineering exploration and to build a design project on this basis. As far as the selection of the location is concerned, it should be as sunny as possible, protected from the wind, not near trees, septic tanks, sewer pipes and electric cables.

A size of 30 to 45 m² is assumed to be the optimal pool size for an average yard or garden. Completely enough to transform your garden into a cozy place where you can relax and unwind.

Also think of the way to enter the garden pool

  • What shape and depth are best for the pool?

It is important to first determine what the main purpose of the pool use will be. If you have children who will use them, then a separate, flatter part should be there for them. The pool shape can vary and in terms of depth according to world standards, it can range from 1.20 m to 1.50 m – 1.80 m for a sloping floor and up to 1.50 for a horizontal one. The deeper pools require a bigger construction budget and cleaning up later will be a bit more difficult, so keep that in mind.

Choose a lightweight and inexpensive construction

garden ideas garden pools landscaping

  • What kind of construction should you choose?

If you are looking for a cheaper option, you should look for a pool decide. Another advantage of these ‘garden pools’ is that they are built faster than the monolithic pools. The second, for their part, offer a tremendous variety of forms. The Aufstellpools are offered in round, oval and rectangular shape.

  • Which lining materials to choose?

You have the choice between mosaic, clinker tile, special foil or paint based on epoxy resin.

The bigger the garden, the more interesting the pool can be

pool rectangular garden pools garden ideas

  • Prophylaxis and maintenance of the garden pool

After going through all the stages to the end result, it will now be necessary to maintain the pool. The pure water demands a system prophylaxis and a good filter system. The company that will build your garden pool certainly offers a maintenance service as well. Be careful when choosing the special lists, in order to be able to look forward to a good result later.

Here are some beautiful pictures of garden pools that aim to convince you or at least make you dream.

Have a barbecue by the pool

Here you can sit well in the summer

deco ideas garden pools gardening ideas

A real oasis of well-being

garden landscaping garden pools pool rectangular

A luxurious ridge pool design

garden decoration garden pools gardening ideas

Tall trees provide pleasant shade

garden design ideas garden pool ideas

Combine the garden pool with a fireplace nearby

gardening garden landscaping garden pools
gardening garden pools ideas gardening ideas

Integrated lighting ensures more romance

gardening ideas garden pools garden ideas

The orange color gives a touch of exoticism

garden design ideas garden pools pool rectangular

The pure water demands a system prophylaxis and a good filter system

Garden Ideas Gardening Garden Pools Garden Setup

Everyone can be happy with such a garden

garden ideas garden pools gardening ideas

Even the smallest backyard can become a summer oasis

landscaping pool rectangular garden pools

Design different zones in the garden

garden ideas garden pools pool rectangular

Decorate abundantly with plants

garden ideas pool rectangular garden pools

Pick a dropped pool shape

garden pools ideas gardening garden ideas
garden pools garden design deco ideas garden

Choose the sunniest garden spot

garden pools garden ideas pool rectangular

All garden pools, large or small, will provide freshness on hot summer days

garden pools ideas garden garden landscaping
garden pools ideas garden ideas landscaping
garden pools pool rectangular gardening ideas

Strive for a natural garden design

garden pools pool rectangular garden ideas
pool ideas garden pools garden design
pool rectangular gardening ideas garden pools
pool rectangular garden pools ideas garden design
beautiful garden garden pools landscaping

A great joy for the whole family

garden pools for setting up garden ideas