Garden House Wood – If Is Charming And Chic Pairs

summerhouse wooden garden design and horticulture

Garden House made of wood – if is charming and chic pair

A wooden Garden House has a special charm. The warm and natural materials is the highlight in the garden and fits perfectly into the environment. The former shack that barely provided space for a comfortable round, has a house in miniature in modern architecture. Infinitely many types of houses do not leave open desires. Whether storage room, tool shed, Playhouse or pompous accommodation – also great demands can be met. A Garden House is more than a Bower. Because it has in recent years made just terrific progress and laid down an impressive development.

Great architecture for the small wooden Garden House

No matter whether it should be the classic log cabin with only a few square meters or the large bungalow, the design requirements be fulfilled today, could not be more varied. There’s hardly an idea that is not yet implemented. Here you can buy wooden Garden House online and assemble easily easily yourself. Smart building systems make it possible. And that also without much technical knowledge. The applications are as diverse as the designs.

Garden House wooden garden ideas horticulture garden

Why a wooden Garden House?

The wooden Garden House can be used individually. Often, it is the garden equipment that protects such a wooden house. The wooden Garden House is exciting for children, because it can be done infinitely more so. Royal Castle, times Shack and then Hobbit hole, kids know something with a Garden House to begin. But the wooden house is ideal also for guests, because it offers some privacy.

Trend is unusual

Ever crazier and more unusual is the better, the Garden House. After all, who wants anything from the bar? Who would like to abandon an expensive architect for the individual Garden House, has all the possibilities to implement your ideas in a prefabricated set. The advantage of wood: It can be very easily edit and design according to your own requirements. Color and trim make a hut from the Fertigbauhaus according to their own ideas.

Design – wooden garden houses

There are many distinguishing features. Especially the roof shape decides about the appearance of the Garden House. Classic houses often have a Nordic or alpine style, equipped with a so-called saddle roof. The wood for these styles is usually left untreated. The painting in Sweden red is really typical. But also a gray is quite trend. But there are also flat roofs or shed roofs at the Garden House. Sure, the decision is not easy.

summerhouse wooden garden design ideas

It should be noted that at the time of purchase

Those who opt for a wooden Garden House, should first think of the building permit. It depends in most areas from the size of the House and the location. If a building permit is required, is to learn on the building. Even media should be the approval should be sought for this early to the competent authorities.

Of course, the wooden Garden House needs also a foundation. Whether a small point Foundation is sufficient or better has a flat concrete foundation here, also depends on the weight of the Garden House. A wooden Garden House requires regular care. At certain intervals, the wood should be deleted to make it weatherproof and to protect against discoloration. The strength of wooden walls will decide about the stability of the House. Who relies on robustness, should choose so prefer something stronger walls.

Before buying, you should be of course about the size in clear. Not only spatial limitations restrict the size of the Garden House of wood, even architectural regulations can affect the size.

The wooden garden houses are always chic. The warm material from sustainable forestry is unbeatable in the building of a House for the garden.