Properly Embed The Paving Stones In The Garden

The paving stones are suitable for my garden?

Paving stones have a large proportion of the decorative image of the garden. Before selecting a paving stone model, it is important, however, to deal intensively with the way design and initially choose a material. There are concrete pavers, natural stone and brick to the selection. All three materials have their advantages and disadvantages.

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The correct laying of paving stones

The Foundation is responsible for a permanent stability. In order to ensure a sufficient load-bearing capacity, loam or topsoil has been off, until there is a stable ground. The subgrade must be at least 30 cm to 40 cm below the later top of the patch and is sealed with a vibrator.

It is now one of gravel or gravel resulting wear layer, which should be at least 25 cm. For this, a grain size should be selected by 0 / 32 or 0/45. The formation and the base course requires at least a two percent fall, to ensure the flow of rain water. Of course must also the sub-base layer by layer from shake. Before paving stone laying must be installed of the edge boundary. It curbs or concrete Palisades can be used. The marginal limitation blocked a lateral deviation of the stones and an alignment of stones can be done this way. Now, the embankment of the plaster bed can be. It can sand or a mixture of crushed sand gravel (0/5 grain size, ½ or 2/5 split used for seepage patch.) Plaster bed is four or five centimeters thick in loose condition. The plaster bed is not compressed, this happens later automatically when the shaking of the paving stones. It is expected that moves everything around one centimeter and this should be taken into account. Before a first laying of the paving stones, sand or grit using a straight edge must be deducted.

Water permeable paving stones and their benefits

Previously, only the lawn grid stones were known in this area. Today, there is a wide selection of water-permeable paving stones, which do not differ in appearance from usual paving stones. The rapid drainage of rain wateramong the advantages of the eco patch. Sewage systems are relieved and the rainfall is passed directly to the groundwater or the roots of trees and shrubs. Recently, sewage charges are due for sealed surfaces! Water-permeable paving reduces these charges or can be bypassed completely. The individual municipalities have various regulations on this issue.

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What various paving stones are offered?

Special materials and technology for the production of paving stones made of concrete in different shapes and colours are produced for all possible surface structures. The selection ranges from a very genuine imitation of natural stone to the square plate for the terrace. Previously, the color pigments were not UV and weather-resistant. Today, almost all well-known manufacturers provide a warranty on the colour stability.

Paving stones made of clay

They are manufactured at 1200 degrees Celsius and the pores are closed in. The paving stones are not the intake of water. By producing minimal manufacturing tolerances are possible. You are not the same size and can be laid not seamless in contrast to concrete blocks. These stones have their age in fact and are often significantly cheaper than bricks, which have an artificial antique appearance.

Natural stone paving stones

They are the most expensive version, because a high overhead in the extraction and the treatment. Natural stone has the advantage, he is absolutely color stable. Sandstone is this more sensitive than granite, basalt and porphyry. The origin of paving stones made of natural stone is important. Cheap natural stones are mostly imported from Asia and are not suitable for the climate in Europe.

Requirements for paving stones

Not every paving stone is suitable for the patio or driveway. For vehicles also the stones must be in addition to a stable substructure so resilient, to carry the weight.


Finally an important piece of advice. Less is often better. Timeless and models own is sometimes better. Striking forms ud colors produce a saturation and are often available to the competition of floral or garden plants. At , you will find an extensive selection on the different varieties, shapes, and colors. Certainly, here find their favorite stone and enjoy the benefits through