Charcoal Grill: How About A Smoke Free Lotus Grill

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BBQ fun – anytime, anywhere

Most people love it: the crickets. Sitting in the warm months in a cozy round the gardens, the smell of freshly grilled sausages and chops around the nose blows one. Experts and Hobbygriller estimate of course the sizzling with charcoal, because only one conjures up juicy steaks and erlebet the unique feeling. Gas or electric barbecues are frowned upon in professional circles. But that is surely known many Grill masters: the fat drips into the glowing charcoal and rising smoke billowing skyward and often make for trouble with the neighbors. And, who is momentarily distracted, must reckon with food baked-on. But there is a solution that will satisfy everyone. But smoke-free grilling with charcoal -. This Grill pleasure with high-quality products, as they can be found on , offers the chance at any time and any place to make trouble-free tasty every Griller.

Buy charcoal grill and Grill on the beach

Lotus charcoal grill buy table Grill charcoal barbecuing on the beach

Lotus charcoal grill smoke-free table Grill charcoal barbecuing on the beach

The many benefits of smoke-free grills

Who brings a smokeless Grill for use, will quickly recognize the many advantages as an example

Elegant and visually appealing design in various colors
Quick usage clear
Extremely space-saving (table can be placed on the)
He is not hot on the outer area
Easy handling
Easy to clean

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During the warm season it relocates the barbecue of course to outside, because the pleasure of barbecue in the wild is the special feeling. But even if it rains or the temperatures be uncomfortable staying in the open air can, you must not forgo the fun, because the grill can be used also indoors! Because the texture of the walls has been designed in a way that they are never hot, the table Grill can be immediately spend on an other site. A year-round pleasure.

Lotus charcoal grill buy Red LiddedLotus charcoal grill buy red smoke

How do the grill work?

Grilling in full taste and without smoke? Hard to imagine. But the griddle, which are available in two sizes and in upbeat colors, offer perfect taste – and thereby spread almost no smoke. It drips as well as no fat on the charcoal, this fact is caught in the inner shells and not comes with the coal in contact, so that in addition to the aroma of the food can be served also juicy. The generous space allowed at the same time to meet the different tastes of guests. Some people prefers vegetables, the other meat – no problem, everything finds its place on the big rack.

In less than four minutes, the grill is clear to use. With traditional charcoal grills an almost impossible task. But what distinguishes the smoke free from their normal counterparts?

Lotus charcoal grill buy yellow table Grill charcoal

How does the principle? The launch succeeds without any problems. The grill just put on the table, the coal tank filling with coal and apply the paste (to light). Then set the coal tank on the device, ignites the Paste on, and at the end of the battery-powered fan to. This provides the coal with sufficient fresh air so that it begins to glow in a short time. The more air is supplied, the coal will be the hotter. But prior to flying sparks or falling embers is perfectly protected, because the combustion takes place in the closed container in the inside of the grille. Already, the fun can begin.

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Grilling is yes a cozy and not hectic affair. Who wants to take a break so happy times, so this can be done, because the grill can be put back on operating temperature within a very short time.

And the best: the Griller needs to build some meters away his barbecue, to protect the guests from annoying smoke – he is now in the middle of the action. In addition, illustrative and explanatory videos on YouTube are taught of functioning, preparation and Grill action.

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After grilling

While the traditional charcoal grills clean but quite a bit of time, the table Grill is easily decomposed in the items and can be quickly and easily cleaned. Also is indeed “very good” this Grill.

Lotus XL size charcoal grill buy yellow table Grill charcoal accessoriesLotus XL charcoal grill buy table Grill charcoal