Vintagemöbel For A Special Residential Flair

Charming and romantic Vintagemöbel

Every home needs a breath of fresh air! Whether it is to a full or partially carried out renovation, a furniture Exchange or just a new painting, each of us does need a change within your own four walls at some point. And why because a change in a vintage style?

The interest in vintage exists since a long time not only for their beauty, but also because of its high value as collectibles. The charm of this furniture is actually hidden in their long-standing and unique history. Vintage furniture are those from the 20s to the 70s of the 20th century known as. Through those past times are alive again.

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A little history

Living according to the romantic Shabby chic comes actually from Rachel Aswell, which love to browsed flea markets kind. While she has come on the idea to restore old furniture and to bring them to life. While the individual pieces but retaining their scratches, flaws or cracks.

Fine details such as metal or brass door handles and faded colors pimp this furniture in addition to.

Typical materials for these authentic pieces are teak tree wood, soft wood and recycled Sheeshamholz.

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Vintage furniture will fit in each room

These gorgeous rarities are real eye-catcher in the room as individual pieces in this style. Such an authentic chest or a coffee table with ornate carvings in the living room of every visitor will ask to touch and admire. Look at just some of the beautiful pieces and convince yourself of our words. A good place to do this is for example .

A dining room in the vintage style dinner will make pleasant and relaxing much. The beautiful dining table with its wood cracks will put you in old times and refresh even loving memories. The good thing about the Shabby chic style is that not every room in this style should be set up. Whether you, decide for a romantic bedroom design for a noble-looking living room or a charming dining room with such furniture, is up to you, and definitely just depends on your own preferences.

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Vintage Furniture – decoration and accessories

The apartment design entirely in the Shabby chic look is something for special romantics. Here the decoration and the accessories should be adapted to the style. Old lamps, pillows and even old-looking ornaments are attached. Give an elegant and sophisticated touch silver elements, such as such as candle holders. Use soft pastels like sky blue, Rosé, gray or pale yellow. Some decoration and even interior design ideas to see several articles from us.

Insert the friendly character of the shabby in your living rooms chic style and provide a wonderful variety in your Wohraumdesign.

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