Such As Care I My Garden Furniture From Wood In The Fall And Winter?

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Practical tips and tricks for the cold season

Autumn and winter are often quite unpleasant for garden owners: not only makes sure you can spend less time in your garden, but also the risk that the wood rot or splinter to the weather. Therefore we want to give you some tips, which will help you to protect your garden furniture and decking from the colder seasons.

The right care starts with the purchase and installation

Especially when you garden furniture must be on the quality. If you throw a particular attention to the materials of his furniture pieces at the purchase, one saves so a lot of work for the future. That’s why it is worth to visit specialized shops instead of discount stores. A good example is Casando: one focusing on foreign and interior design provides more choice and quality furniture, and on the other hand guarantee the many awards by TÜV and co, the purchases take place quickly and safely. Excellent materials for your furniture and decking are mainly the Nordic spruce, Siberian larch, subtropical teak or the tropical wood bangkirai. They are durable and above all the tropical wood comes also with the additional advantage of being protected against fungi and pests.

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When decking the precautions not stop here however still: even during installation there are some tricks that the future maintenance of your garden designed as stress-free as possible. So, if you create for example a good drainage, you can prevent that water dams on the floorboards and provides thus for example for mold.

In particular you should be aware however the substructure of the terrace : depending on the boards have less contact with the ground, the less the spraying water affects the wood. Here, it helps to keep post carriers under construction at some distance from the ground. Finally, stainless steel screws prevent that spread rust in the decking and thus harm the wood by chemical reactions.

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Permanent care of mold to prevent

In General, it is very important that you prevent mold, to increase the resistance of wood. For this you find special cleaning agents that are suited for wood furniture and-dielen among other things on the Internet. But make sure before you buy the cleaner on it, consist of what wood your furniture and terraces, because not every species survives for example the use of chemicals.

Before you apply the cleaning agent on the floorboards, you should sweep through also briefly with a broom, to remove coarse dirt. If the wood is older, it should consider thoroughly abrade the wood in an emergency in mind. For sensitive wood it is enough sometimes, then with a SOAP solution to clean the terrace. Also, it is important to perform the cleaning during a longer weather because the detergent for best results 48 hours drying time.

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Regular cleaning of decking also includes removing weeds that permeates in some cases from the ground under the basic design. Also algae infestation and MOSS are already removed ideally before they can spread really harm the floorboards – the choice of the right detergent acts but before the undesirable excesses and thus saving a lot of work.

The sealing of the wood with stain or oil

Who wants to go a step further, is still a protective coating after thorough cleaning of floors and garden furniture on the wood. Thus, for example, no water can penetrate into the Interior of the wood and prevents in particular the splitter danger in the winter.

When choosing the right coating, opinions differ but: some garden owners swear by Holzöle, while others completely rely on wood paint. Basically, both means same effects and the choice between the hanging them have off but above all of your preference. Who wants to save money can use even olive or vegetable oil, to protect his wooden furniture . Also linseed oil is suitable for this and also gives a pleasant scent of the furniture and floorboards.

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In the application, it is important that before that – as already previously described – thoroughly clean all their furniture. If the wood is dry, you bring up either the oil or the glaze depending on the desire, in both cases a brush is suitable for the best. Be sure to reach each area with the respective protective cover and carry out the whole process two or three times. Oiling and varnishing your furniture and terrace is worth while throughout the year, but especially before the onset of winter you should work even once carefully any surface in any case.

Final words

From buying to return to regular care wood furniture and-dielen require a lot of attention, so that they provide enjoyment as long as possible, but the time spent is worthwhile in any case. Firstly your furniture with proper care look long time as new and on the other hand save of course also a lot of money – with extended maintenance itself, if you buy the better and more expensive furniture and terraces.

All the items that you need to make it resistant to weathering and Winterize your garden for example see online shops like Casando in a gathering place and save also the own course to the nearest hardware store thanks to the free shipping.
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