Solid Wood Furniture: The Eternal Classic In The Interior


The massive wood furniture has many lovers, because these are made of solid wood and not like many others made of wood materials. Stable and captivating, these pieces of furniture are truly unique. They create an authentic atmosphere and add a touch of naturalness to the ambience. Even a single piece of furniture can change the look of a room and create a great accent in the room. One does not necessarily have to design the entire furnishing with uniform solid wood furniture. Furthermore, all combinations of different types of wood are possible and allowed.

Solid wood furniture for bedrooms

Solid wood furniture from popular wood types

Very popular and often preferred are the solid wood furniture made of teak, which you for example Can be found. These can be used both in the exterior and in the interior. The teak is very oil-bearing and therefore quite weather-resistant. To keep the beautiful color fresh for a long time , You should treat the wood with special teak oil from time to time. But also the untreated wood has its charm, because it sets silvery patina.

Beechwood furniture is a true classic and has been in fashion for some years. The untreated, light wood is sometimes reddish or has a stitch in pink or orange. The beech furniture adapts to every color scheme and style of living.

A very noble wood is the walnut. Solid wood furniture from this material look very luxurious and therefore they are also very popular. One distinguishes between European and American walnut. The American walnut is darker and more uniformly colored than that from Europe. From this kind of wood also high-quality parquet is produced.

Solid wood furniture in country style and shabby chic

The wooden furniture in the country house style ensure a comfortable feeling. In this style you have the choice between furniture in the typical white or natural wood color. In our opinion, these furniture are particularly suitable for the kitchen and the dining room, where they fit perfectly. Furthermore, the country-look furniture can easily be combined with the modern ones.

To the Shabby chic style Grab more and more people with a romantic nature. But the charm of this style can only be spread through solid wood furniture in the room. The beauty of this furniture is its imperfection and splintered lacquer color. White fabrics and pastel decoration complement the shabby chic furniture and create a romantic atmosphere in every room.

The style of furniture is left to your taste. But one thing is certain: The solid wood furniture Are durable, resistant and simply unique!

Kitchen in country house style
Teakwood furniture for outdoor use