Scandinavian Clothes Rack – Ideas For 2018

The Scandinavian decoration offers every year a product selection of new designs, which surprise us again and again positively. In this article, you will learn which new trends are coming to immerse your interior in a stylish look. We present a selection of stylish clothes rails – ideas that are a modern solution in small spaces.

Minimalist clothes rail – the open concept of these pieces of furniture seems to be a very arbitrary idea for many people. These clothes rails do not cost much and offer many advantages. They can be repositioned very easily and provide enough space for your clothes. The minimalist design of these clothes rails is one of the latest Scandinavian trends. The straight lines and the simplified construction in black or white create a stylish look in every room. The clothes rails in black are by far the most popular design.

A hanging construction provides a stylish design from afar

hanging clothesline in the bedroom

The minimalist clothes rails are practical for some, stylish for others. A balance between cool looks and flexibility could be achieved very easily. Designers present several variants that make up an alternative design.

Minimalistic design pure

Hanging clothes rails are increasingly preferred by minimum lists.

This model is very practical to position and offers an exceptional construction. There is enough space under the clothes rail for accessories or shoes. Trust your feeling and choose the right variant for the clothes rail.

That is how it goes – The hanging clothes rail should be made very robust and stable. Take enough big metal pipes with a smooth surface. Only then comes your suspension idea. The optimal solution would be a link chain or a rope, because these elements could be up to 50 kg tensile force. Only then comes the most important part – the assembly. This step should be carefully planned because it consists of several factors. The robust installation to the ceiling is fixed by means of ceiling hooks made of iron. After mounting the two ceiling hooks, the balance between the two link chains comes. Cut these two chains exactly the same.

Hanging clothes rails give the room a unique look

hanging clothes rod shape minimalist

More space for your clothes

Clothes rail on the wall – Surely you have empty wall in your apartment and wonder – how can I best design this area? The right solution is a wall clothes rail. This furnishing idea creates a cozy atmosphere in your room and gives your home a larger space requirement. The reason for this is that these clothes rails can be placed one above the other. All at once may be a bit too much at times, but more and more people are resorting to this option to save space

That is how it goes – The wall – clothes rail is easier to mount compared to the hanging version. Do-it-yourself naturally starts with choosing the right metal tube. Homeowners use the copper pipes again and again, because these elements give every room an extraordinary look. These rods are fixed to the wall using raw connections. First, make a note of which locations are for the pipe connections. Only then can you put the clothes rail and the connections into each other.

Create more space thanks to this clever interior design idea

Pipe-Clothing rack Wall-Mounted

Flexibility occurs

Last of course, the clothes rails come with wheels. The minimalist design in black allows a perfect combination with the other elements in the room. But this design is focused on the essentials – flexibility. Thanks to the small wheels, the clothes rod can be easily and quickly repositioned.

In the following picture gallery you will find a combination of models, which cause a great interest worldwide. The minimalist details and practical constructions are among the trends for the year 2018. Enjoy the stylish models!

The stable construction offers many advantages

Stands clothes rack minimalist

End with wardrobes and drawers! The clothes rails are very trendy

cool clothes rail in white

Neutral colors can be combined with the other elements in the room

Ideas design clothes rack minimalist

Black clothes rail is one of the most popular ideas for minimalist decor

Clothes rack ideas minimalist

Choose any place for the hanging clothing design

hanging minimalist clothes bar

The small wheels are very important when it comes to a flexible interior

Clothes bar with flexible rolls

Black and white can be perfectly combined

clothing pole scandinavian decor minimalist

Clothes rack reposition ideas minimalistically

Clothes bar positioning ideas minimalist

minimalist clothes rod made of metal

minimalist clothing bar cool lines

minimalist clothes rail in white

minimalist clothes rod clothes rail