Modern Tables By MDF Italia

modern tables white chandelier ItalyModern tables by MDF Italia

We here present modern tables by MDF Italia. They are sure of it inspired. You can find information about it only in Italian. You have the opportunity to see these tables in our article. But we do not know where you can buy them from abroad.

The featured tables have the following name – Edgar, intersection, S table, La Grande, and LIM and are created from aluminum and polyurethane.  The statement that “a picture says more than 1000 words”, also applies to these tables. The Italian design is based on the technology and contemporary creativity.

Which do you like best from the tables?

You will be inspired by this furniture design

modern tables white Italy

The round surface of the glass gives an elegant style to the table

modern tables glass white Italy

modern tables colored orange yellow red green Italy Red, yellow, orange and green square tables by MDF Italia

modern tables colored orange yellow red Italy these tables to complete the Interior of your home

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