Magnificent Chair – The Unconventional Style Meets The Baroque

gorgeous Chair leather fireplace BaroqueMagnificent chair – the unconventional style meets the Baroque

We introduce beautifully decorated an unconventional piece of furniture, which certainly immediately will attract your attention. While some people prefer simple, elegant and modern furniture, other magnificent Chair do add to their interior.

Red upholstery and gems

magnificent Chair red upholstery Baroque

It is undeniable that the majestic armchair by ZAC glamour design puts the accent in any room. Designed by Andrea Colombo and Linda Assandri, this piece of furniture combines the exclusive elements of Baroque and classical style. The Designer combines the look of the Volkswagen with a padded Chair, glittering Swarovski crystals and cool LED – lighting. Gold and Silver accents are here presented in an eccentric way. This Chair fits perfectly to modern rooms.

Exclusive elements of Baroque and classical style in a

magnificent Chair silver

Admire this exceptional Chair. To create this beautiful piece of furniture materials used original crystals, silver leaf and gold leaf like Swarovski. And it has obviously paid off.  The result is this unique Chair.

Silver and gold are used in making wonderful

magnificent Chair leather Black Silver

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Amazing designer idea

magnificent armchair Baroque red

The majestic Chair fits maybe also your interior, or? Place the sofa in the patio gorgeous armchairs of Swarovski crystals of gorgeous armchair Baroque leatherconnection of different styles gorgeous armchair Baroque style you want to have the Chair at home? gorgeous Chair leather

ZAC glamour design