Luxury Collection Of Furniture By Real Car Parts

collection of furniture couchCollection of furniture by real car parts

The collection of furniture by real car parts is unique. The idea and the goal here is to create a high quality of the automobile collection.

QualitätsLeder and genuine car parts used

collection furniture sofa carpet

See the body of aluminium in RACE collection. Here, quality leather and genuine car parts are used. The body is created from many elements and covered with the best car paint. This is the best piece of automotive furniture that you can buy all over the world. The collection includes sofas, chairs, desks, coffee tables, conference tables and various lamps.

This couch ensures your well-being

collection of furniture sofa leather

The furniture is made from flat sheet metal parts. Only the best leathers, Ferrari, Bentley and Rolls-Royce is used here. The lights, fuel and guide commissions are original. The body can be created from aluminum, copper, gold or carbon. The collection is limited to 100 pieces.

This leather sofa perfectly fits your living room

collection of furniture couch leather

Feel on this furniture as if you are sitting in the car. If you are a fan of the car, then these pieces of furniture are impress determined.

Stunning pieces of furniture car parts

collection of furniture painted black sofa

They are perfect for living room and bedroom. If you want to impress your guests, make these unique pieces in your home.

The room decorated a table from this collection

collection of furniture tables

Choose original couches and armchairs. Provide the great look of your living room and set it with stunning pieces of furniture. Create a stylish interior of tables and couches.

The collection includes sofas, chairs, desks, coffee table itself build, conference tables and various lamps

collection of furniture desk sofa

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collection furniture fuel collection furniture leathercollection of furniture lights collection of furniture black sofacollection furniture sofa collection of furniture white sofa

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