IKEA Shelves “Kallax-Shelves” For Modern And Functional Interiors

Every year we believe it is impossible to produce another new model of practical Ikea shelving. And every time it turns out that we are wrong. The Kallax Ikea shelves are the next proof. They are as simple and varied as a square. It can be said that this is an exploration of the many possibilities of this geometric figure: One examines its basic form and the possible components. Thus the modern interior of the house becomes a research trip itself.

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Such use of Ikea shelves saves a lot of walking space

vintage design ikea shelves

Chest of drawers, shelf and storage table in one

The first example of the use of Kallax Shelves impresses with its multifunctional use. Thanks to its versatility, you can do without many other pieces of furniture. It combines many different types of storage space. The various functions fit perfectly.

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Ultimately, you can afford to do without many other pieces of furniture. For example, there is no need for a chest of drawers or an additional table. So you save running space and space.

If you use the Ikea shelves creatively, you can also create a living room table from them in a flash.

ikea shelves living room ideas


Seamless appearance or open storage space – these Ikea shelving units can offer both

The regular shapes of the individual squares of the Ikea Kallax shelves allow the use of boxes and other storage equipment with the usual dimensions. We also have an example in our picture above. The seamless appearance of the room has been retained. But you can just as well rely on the open appearance. You can display beautiful objects such as wine glasses on it. Actually, you can try out different possibilities in the course of the time. Don’t let the very playful variations between the open and seamless appearance out of your sight!

Combine the modern Ikea shelves with a wooden surface.

different baskets ikea shelves

Cuddly corner in Scandinavian style

The relaxation and the especially comfortable charisma are typical for the Scandinavian style. And it goes without saying that all Ikea shelves, including Kallax, can make a wonderful contribution. Selected in the typical shades for this style and filled with cuddly cushions and comfortable storage options for toys and pet accessories, these pieces of furniture become an island of peace. This can be seen in the next picture.

Ikea’s shelving units could also be a great place for cats.

Cats corner Ikea shelves

Room divider with further functions

Of course, Kallax Ikea shelving units can be used as room dividers and fulfill other functions at the same time. The example above illustrates the wide range of possibilities very well. Sometimes they can also be filled with other smaller shelf units in the form of squares. This, in turn, makes them perfect for stowing various objects. The room divider at the bottom has been converted into a wine shelf at the same time. This is just one of many possibilities. Can you actually remember that in the beginning, we said something about researching the components of a square? It was exactly this kind of possibility that we meant.

With Kallax you can mix wonderfully smaller and larger shelves.

ikea shelves wine and other drinks

A beautiful and functional island

From the Kallax Ikea shelves, you can create a great kitchen island. Or you can create a similar construction for other rooms. In addition to the practical squares, you will also need a suitable storage area. You can certainly also find them under Ikea’s offer. According to a similar principle, you can also use the space in other places in your home. For example under the windowsill.

The Ikea Kallax shelves are also available in the classic color combinations

ikea shelf island in the middle of the room

Effectively use all corners of the room

We had explored the possibilities of filling a large square with smaller ones in the following examples. But you also have the opportunity to put together the various components in forms other than squares. Single columns or several columns of different heights – these are just some of the different creative possibilities. Discover these and other manifold combinations in our pictures!

Modern interior design idea: Make the most of the tricky corners in small spaces!

interior design wall ideas ikea shelves

Aquarium with Ikea Kallax shelves? Yes, that works too!

ikea shelves room with an aquarium

The Ikea shelves make many great design ideas for the nursery possible

ikea shelves great kids room

You can also effectively use the space under the windowsill

ikea shelves great and cuddly interior

In terms of style, the Ikea shelves are very appropriate. Here we see her in vintage style

ikea shelves shoe shelves

The room divider ideas with Kallax shelves are very diverse

ikea shelves room separation idea

The white color is very appropriate when using the Kallax shelves like a library

ikea shelves neutral color combinations

The Ikea shelves are also suitable for storing your music collection

ikea shelves musical furnishings

Combine fabric with neutral boxes in the nursery for the effect below

ikea shelves nursery ideas

The light shading of the shelving units is also ideal for this discreet and very feminine interior

ikea shelves separate bedroom

You can combine the neutral colors of the shelves with another nuance in the background, as below

ikea shelves a cat

The Kallax-Ikea shelves are great for the bathroom

subtle colors ikea shelves

In such a room divider you have enough space for your attention and for decoration

blue and pink shades ikea shelves