Creatively Integrating IKEA Besta Units Into The Interior Design

IKEA Besta IKEA living room furniture creative insertion

Have you heard of Ikea Besta? This is a new collection of furniture units that serve as storage space. They are intended for the wall and must be attached to it.

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Drawers and doors are particularly modern. They close gently and quietly thanks to the special “soft-closing” function. Another very modern feature of Besta Ikea units is that they are very versatile. They can be combined and decorated in many different ways. Besta Ikea units can be placed anywhere.

Ikea Besta shelf with doors in pink

IKEA Besta Rosa IKEA TV cabinet furniture sideboards

Besta storage with doors

IKEA Besta pink furniture IKEA TV cabinet furniture sideboards

All this doesn’t sound so new, does it? We are talking about the basic principles that Ikea has been working according to in recent years anyway. Yes, that’s probably true. And with every new model, it works all the better, both aesthetically and functionally. We have no choice but to demonstrate this to you using visual examples.

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See with your own eyes what difference it makes to choose Besta Ikea units instead of the earlier models.

TV cabinet with glass doorsIKEA Besta furniture IKEA TV furniture

TV bench with drawers

IKEA Besta furniture IKEA TV furniture sideboards IKEA Besta furniture IKEA TV furniture sideboards black

Besta TV wall

IKEA Besta furniture IKEA TV furniture and desk

Create extra storage space

IKEA Besta furniture sideboard storage baskets IKEA Besta TV furniture furniture sideboards

A voluminous block on the wall

Let’s start with ideas for small spaces. By the way, the unprocessed colored units are just right for such an ambiance. You could build a voluminous square from the Besta Ikea units. The design is created according to the new trends and the storage space contained in it is particularly large. Nevertheless, the units do not reduce the size of the room. Thanks to the simple lines and designs, they disappear visually into the wall. The white Besta Ikea units with a glossy surface are particularly suitable for a very modern minimalist room, such as one in Scandinavian style.

Besta Ikea units in living space

IKEA Besta Cabinet sideboard white IKEA living room furniture

Blue sideboard hanging on the wall of wood

IKEA Besta Cabinet sideboard Blau on the wall

The warmth of the wood at Ikea Besta units is well accentuated

The Besta units are available in different textures. In addition to the white shelf units with lacquered surfaces, there are also models for those who enjoy rustic touches in interior design. You can choose the Besta Ikea shelves with a brown wood finish.

IKEA Besta IKEA furniture bench

Bench with integrated storage area

Take a look around and consider where else you could use a seat unit. What about a bench seat under the window? Or perhaps you still have space in the hallway that you could use?

Create a practical feel-good oasis in Scandinavian style

IKEA Besta bench IKEA furniture

Furniture for the attic room

IKEA Besta Cabinet Sideboard In the attic room

Turning Besta Ikea shelving units into a wall unit

The Besta Ikea units can be used functionally in many different ways. You could make a wonderful wall unit out of them. It has all the advantages of the typical furniture designed for this purpose and at the same time offers a lot of storage space.

Wall Design Ideas with Wall Cabinets

IKEA Besta Cabinet sideboard IKEA living room furniture

A chest of drawers

Do you need a chest of drawers that also looks very representative? The Besta Ikea units can always be made into something like this.

Combining floating shelving units with shelf units positioned on the floor

Here are some ideas that make the room appear particularly comfortable. You can place two rows of Ikea shelves on top of each other on the floor. One or one and a half meters above, you can place a floating row of the same type of units. In between, there is a niche, which you can use as a showcase. You could place various objects there and illuminate them wonderfully.

Hanging sideboards

IKEA Besta Cabinet sideboard wall hanging IKEA Besta Cabinet sideboard hanging on the wall

TV set wall right at the bottom

IKEA Besta elegant sideboards IKEA TV furniture

Complete wall with IKEA Besta units

You can cover an entire wall with IKEA Besta units. In a smaller room, we would opt for the neutral white models. Any other textures would fit more space.

IKEA Besta wall cabinets

IKEA Besta IKEA TV furniture more stowage space

In both cases, the design ensures a seamless appearance. You get all the necessary items and still have a modern and widely published space.

IKEA Besta cabinet system IKEA furniture

IKEA Besta closet living room IKEA furniture

Middle of the room

Do you need extra help on the zoning of the area? If Yes, then you could do wonderful units by the IKEA Besta. What’s their positioning behind the sofa?

Original interior design ideas

IKEA Besta IKEA TV lounge furniture

The examples with Besta IKEA units show how only thanks to its many different opportunities. Think now also to the variety of colors and textures to… Where would you use because at home the Besta IKEA units for themselves?

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