Fully Use The Potential Of Functional Drying!

Laundry and paying bills in the same room? Maybe can you store there also your flower pots? See how a room for washing can meet wonderful functions.

When did you feel the need for a multi-purpose room in your House the last time? The help is there, where you least expect them. You can perform many functions in your laundry room and thus keep other areas of your home.

Also, this is a place that is deposited. The long-lasting practical solutions would disturb any here. The functionality and aesthetics of your home can achieve wonderful new levels. About paste surface for ironing and folding the dresses! So, you could wrap also gifts on other occasions on these.

Look at how wonderful these spaces fulfil its expanded functions.

Fully use the potential of functional drying

functional drying washing machine

The vestibule

What do better than to have a wash and dry conditions in the same room? There, you can store all dirty socks and wet gloves dirty jackets. This space does a wonderful job by keeping the laundry away from the living area.

Look at the ceiling in sky blue! Not fabulous she look like?

What do better than to have a wash and dry conditions in the same room?

functional drying washing machine red

Linen closet

This room is located in a Beach House. Therefore, below also towels and important things for the summer holidays were housed. Here you can store everything what you can use for the beautiful days on the sand and surf.

A white kitchen design

functional drying kitchen sink

Storage space

Viewing the piping in the space below. You can benefit from this in two ways. Now you can install a second basin for irrigation of the plants here. Where can you also the empty container and rinsing the gardening relisieren.

Two washing machines and a couch

functional drying washing couch

Job at home

Wash your clothes while you write your bills and answer your E-Mails. So you can meet at once two tasks. The benches with cushions are an exceptional convenience. You can stretch out, or even a little sleep, while the washing machine washes.

This room is in yellow

functional drying washing machine kitchen

Packing station

The provision of a room for the packaging of gifts can be a very difficult task. In the bathrooms, you can add a wonderfully spacious work areas and there professionally Pack the gifts.

Wonderfully spacious worktops can be inserted in the toilet

functional drying sink sofa

Breakfast corner

Can you imagine a better way to start the day as breakfast in a beautiful place? What’s with a cup of coffee, muffin or potato cakes? The areas flooded with light are the best places to start the day. If this is also the washing area, the beautiful fragrance of fresh laundry will mood even more enjoyable you.

It has used the space here optimally

functional drying kitchen


The design of this Waschraumes as a transition zone brings unexpected benefits. It has used the space here optimally. How exactly can you see below clearly on the screen.

functional drying washing machine shower

Area for pets

This washing area includes a maßangerfertiuge shower for the dog. Limit within this area, this is a very smart solution. Still other tools to integrate how insert about a dog bed. Do this and have a laundry room with double function.

Here also, storage space and other important things have been installed next to the washing area

functional drying washing machine carpet

“All-purpose” room

You can adjust this beautiful and comfortable rooms of different purposes. This storage space and other important things have been installed next to the laundry area also.

Now each of us might think maybe in his own apartment. Not enough space for what essential function? The packaging of gifts is here demanding or is placed the dog area bad? Perhaps, you can integrate any of these functions to the washroom!

Do you have desire and time to do so? It is worth!

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