Frugal Decoration: How The Old Furniture Full New Release Allow!

Stripping, colouring, painting and renew the old furniture! So, one can create a real show piece from where!

How do you feel when enumerating all these terms: stripping, colouring and so on? Many people will simply dizzy. Are you also?

Want to replace the old furniture at home and don’t know where to start? This article provides a few tips for the proper techniques and their appropriate applications.

How you make appear brand new old furniture

old furniture sofa

Wipe the furniture painted a long time ago!

This is certainly not an easy task. The rest should be before the beginning of such activity by a doctor advised people with respiratory problems.

If however these reservations aside, you can wonderfully renew’s own House by a way while investing lots of money.

Tools you will need:

Chemical descalers (remember this: the faster the effect, the toxic substances); Respirator for protection against pollutants; A few filters for the respirator; Safety glasses; chemical-resistant gloves; Work apron; Brushes; Sharpening blades and steel wool;

Stripping, colouring, painting and renewing of old furniture

old furniture wood cabinet

The work process:

You should bring out the piece of furniture out of the House. A well ventilated garage can also serve as the appropriate workshop. Remove all superfluous accessories, such as around drawer. You should protect yourself necessarily cautery scents of chemical colours from the.

After you delete a couple of levels, the color will start to bubble. Use the puller ring or the steel wool, to form the surface smooth. After that, you should remove the remaining inequalities by detergent or denatured alcohol.

In the renewal of old furniture you should decide rather to stain instead of paint

old furniture traditional sofa

2. paint the wooden tables – and chairs

In the renewal of old furniture, you should decide rather to stain instead of paint. Because as the core beauty of this furniture will not be lost. The pine dining table the illustration was originally orange.

They stripped him and then provided with a dark varnish. How to see the result?


Sandpaper; Wood conditioners; Gloves made of rubber or nitrile; Color for wood; Soft paint for textile and polyethylene.

You need much skill

old furniture white sofa eclectic

How to realize the renewal

First, you should remove dust or other dirt from the surface of the table. You can do it with sand paper. Now you can apply the conditioner. So, the new layer then registered will be smoother.

Now rub the surface evenly with a soft cloth. So you can enter also a further layer of color – this decision is you. Then, you can complete the work polyethylene with a layer.

A patterned sofa

old furniture sofa red

3. renovate the ancient pieces of furniture

Here I would like to begin with a warning: you need much skill in this matter. Can you build successfully more complicated constructions themselves? If so, then you can also work on the following project. If not – get help!

There are also books. There, everything is explained systematically. Also, if you are working on many pieces of furniture, you may purchase as a work.

You need to disassemble the Chair or the other piece. Take every step in this process.

You should still keep awhile the old fabric, which you now want to replace. You can use it as a pattern.

If the pieces of furniture are quite damaged, you should consult a professional. He can remove maybe also a few defects. So, the old piece of furniture is not only beautiful, but also more convenient.

White wood furniture

old furniture dining table Chair white

4. white paint, edit with lime and pickle

Want to look white, as weathered, but single away at home? This can be achieved in different ways. All of these have a common benefit: you give the wood a lighter shade, without thereby losing the core.

Tools you will need

Brush made of copper or pale; Wool; Sand paper; Lime wax; Primer; soft fabrics and clear wax and clear polyethylene.

You give the wood a lighter shade, without thereby losing the core

old furniture eclectic wardrobe

How does one do it:

You should wipe the surface with a brush. So would is they can get the colouring matter much easier after that. Then, you should remove the dust with the sand paper or a vacuum cleaner.

Now you can brighten the wood with calcified wax or the solution of a Prim color. Remove the unnecessary substance depending on needs and enter once again clear wax on the surface.

After the piece of furniture is dry, you can edit again polyethylene with a layer.

A light blue couch

old furniture bedroom couch

5. milk paint

It’s the most natural way of color that are on the market. Really, it was produced with milk. It is sold in the form of powder and you can then mix the color. This color is not toxic and can be purchased in several shades.

It works on all kinds of surfaces.

Tools you need to do this: Bucket and stirring Holzer; Brushes and parts unusable clothing

The furniture in the bathroom

old furniture bathroom table

6 LaTeX and oil paints

First you have to choose between these two. The latex paint can dissolve in water and this is a great advantage. You can do very easily clean everything afterwards.

You must use the color based on oil more carefully. On the basis of vapor, you should edit them outdoors. It desperately needs strong chemical solvents for cleaning. Also you need to interject the remains in the places intended for this, and not just in the nearest trash can

It takes effort, but through this kind of color you will reach a long-term effect. In addition, the available colors are spectacular.

The tools you need

Old clothes, sand paper, mini foam roller, wall tape, primer, latex or oil paint (find. the corresponding solvent)

This facility is a good decoration

old furniture dining table blue pillow

What do you want to do:

First, you should remove all accessories, such as about the drawers. You should create a blanket out of old clothes on a tile or brick floor and lay the pieces there.

Soft sand and remove the dust. Cut or grind off the edges of the drawer if necessary. To do this, use the painters tape. Now paint the piece with paint and let it dry.

Use a small foam roller for painting. So, the surface becomes smooth and without remainders from the brush. Apply the color from top to bottom. Between the different layers of paint, the paint should dry completely.

Apply the paint with spray

old furniture black sofa pillow

7. color spray apply

In the case of outdoor furniture, this is clearly the best method. You should watch on the description of the colour. There it is, whether they are conceived for outdoor furniture.

Tools: Spray paint, rubber gloves, respirator and useless old clothes

Of the work process: Thoroughly clean the furniture. Remove all scratches and rust fungi. Let completely dry the surface. Now, you can put on the mask and the rubber gloves and then apply the spray paint.

Work out and spray evenly. Set the old clothes on the floor under the piece of furniture. A few light layers are can complete the picture without too many drops.

This old wood furniture is a frugal decoration

old furniture eclectic table chandelier

8 dress the cushion new

In contrast to the larger pieces of furniture, new clothes, the work at just one is not so elaborate.

What you need to do this: Clamp device, new fabrics, raw cotton or foam

How to reach the best results: Remove the old seat cushion. This will be your pattern for the new shape. Wrap the pillow with the new fabric and use clip to fasten it to.

How many of this advice could you apply actually wonderful in your home? Want to refresh for a new look without large investment? Hopefully we were you helpful.

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