Fancy Furniture From Marble – 20 Chic Designer Ideas

fancy furniture marble Bowl square white

Fancy furniture – wonderful pieces of marble

Many people like the marble, but firmly believe that there is a shine, which is reserved for only a few selected rich.

Other people keep this material for old-fashioned, cold and boring.

The next pictures, you will find that these assumptions are certainly out of date.

Bedding – set in marble

It’s a great visual illusion, don’t you find?

An effective optical illusion. Dress up your bed as a marble rock

fancy furniture marble optical bedding pattern

Cat coasters

That is how cute! This one has some shades to choose from!

Funny beer coasters made of coloured marble

fancy furniture marble leather cat coasters

Marble table lamp

Everyone would fall in love in the shape and color of this lamp, or?

A fancy lamp made of marble

fancy furniture marble floor lamp white marble noble

Candle holders

These geometric pieces of marble with a hole in the Middle make minimalist design at its best.

Unusual candle holder

fancy furniture marble candlestick minimalist

Roll of dough

Why not? Wonderful work and must be not too expensive!

Do you have a roll of dough? Not raise such a determined

fancy furniture marble rolling pin kitchen wood

Marble Nonagon coasters

Here is a wonderful geometric form!

Practical and aesthetic at the same time – geometric coasters made of white marble

fancy furniture white marble coasters geometric

Marble candle holder

It shows also a gorgeous form and light, subtle shades.

This is also a marble candle holder

fancy furniture marble white solid candle holder

Carrara marble containers

Thus, to your bathroom, you could insert some more refinement and contemporary spirit.

These are simple, easy and stylish Marble containers

fancy furniture marble white container

Marble wall wallpaper

Could you imagine such a thing on the wall in your home?

Marble walls? No, it’s actually a marble wall wallpaper

fancy furniture marble white wallpaper wallpaper pattern

Vintage Kunstdekolampe from Project Sarafan