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The miracle man

The three basic positions of the people are the concerns, the standing and sitting. Lying, we spend about one-third of our lives, because our body and our spirit are absolutely dependent on the night’s sleep. Our body is a miracle of nature, because he is able to various movements and enormous care. But this body is just so wonderful, if we respect him and listen to him. He has more needs as adequate sleep and food and beverages, on which he is necessarily dependent on.

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The unity of body and spirit

That body and soul form an inseparable unit, physicians and philosophers in antiquity have discovered and described. We need the balance between physical and mental health, both from each other can benefit and perfectly complement each other. Therefore, it is important that we create us this unit not only at work, but also in the all-important area of living. Our home is the place to where we relax and where we restore the Unit recommended by professional stress in danger.

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Living as a philosophy

Housing is more than protection from cold, heat, rain and snow. It is a philosophy that has considerable influence on our well-being. Furniture design has redefined the living in our modern time and created great. There were designers like the couple of Eames, which set timeless accents in the living area and had in particular sitting in the focus. Not just sitting in a legendary armchair by Eames, but it defines the basic position sitting in a very special way. Whether to read, watch TV or for a chat, Chair of the designer from a mundane, human attitude create out creativity and relaxation at the same time.

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