Abisko Washbasins, Inspired By Nature

sink nature inspired shapeAbisko washbasins, inspired by nature

The pretty, offered by Eumar cast marble sink, which recreates the simple dynamics of nature, is a design of Swedish designer Johan Kauppi.

Enjoy the forms

sink, inspired by nature

Designed in the form of a bent Strip, the Abisko washbasin, which is named after the Swedish National Park, alludes to a waterfall or the slow turns of a river run. Notable due to its naturally curved shape, which dissipates the water in a narrow barred shower drain without the use of pipe, as well as through his subtle philosophy, can the Abisko washbasin you easily lured, his determination, and namely that dealing with him a very trivial and practical object, completely forgetting.

White is the color usually used in irrigation design

sink, inspired by the natural shape white faucet

A form of the gemstone

sink, inspired by the natural shape gemstone gloss

Flowers as decoration of the sinksink form white flower decoration purpleBrown mirror tiles fit the white sink sink, inspired by the nature shape white Brown tileswhite and black contrast sink form white tilesmodern flush design sink form white modern sink, inspired by the natural shape white nature inspired the designersa sink in the form of the square

sink natural form