9 Ways, How You Are Comfortable Designing Your Cabinets

design kitchen island cabinets comfortable bar stool, chandelier whiteWays you easily design your cabinets

Those are among you who face the kitchen a redesign, exposed to many challenges. Alone for the cabinets, you need to choose materials, frames, style of the doors, hardware and much more.

Surely I will no more scare you, but there are a few details that need to be thought about in terms of ergonomics. The kitchen design the way you can transform the kitchen into a comfortable and comfortable workplace for you and your family.

1 reduce the upper cabinets, at minimum.

The cabinets can be difficult to reach for many people. So pull putting away the upper cabinets in consider and add such approximately on the window sill. Just think of the beautiful view during the preparation!

Reduce to the minimum the upper cabinets

cabinets easily design glasses white flooring shelves

2. keep everything tight

Rethink the idea of the setting of floor to ceiling cabinets again. This is a very effective method for the use of the interior walls. There, you can install anyway no window. By limiting the depth of 15 to 20 cm make up all in a row. So, everything can be easily seen and found.

A welcoming kitchen with white cabinets and open shelves

cabinets easily design bar stool chandelier cooker kitchen island white

3. opt for open shelves

Do you really need mounted storage areas on the wall? Pull the installation of open shelves in consideration. There are also more effective ways, to store items. You must all the time open the cabinets and lock, so you get on any matters. Restrict the objects to the things that you really need, and often use and so they will collect less dust.

You want to sit on a lockable solution?

cabinets easily design stove wood shelves tile coffee maker

4. lift on the stuff and don’t throw you away this

You want to sit on a lockable solution? Then opt for a horizontal solution. So there’s only a wall, which you need to open. You can see everything when opening and closing.

Deep drawers can store practically anything

cabinets easily design marble surface white drawers wooden ceiling

5. install drawers

If it is lower cabinets, hardly anything can be more helpful than the drawers. Deep drawers can store virtually anything. If they are open, you can see all items at a glance.

Wood cabinets give the kitchen heat

cabinets easily design kitchen island wood stove stool

6 avoid the corners

Want to make your kitchen without cabinets at the corners? Then you do that. The corners provide storage. The corner drawers can be very hard to use.

The corners provide storage

design white cabinets drawers conveniently

7 use the full capacity of the drawers from

If you can avoid adding the cabinets at the corners, then look for modern and effective solutions. It has lots of very clever ideas on the market! Have a look around!

Look for modern and effective solutions

figures wood cabinets convenient

8 improve and renew the existing cabinets.

The soft closing Hänkel doors are a must in the modern kitchen. The small extra charge for this is super useful. So, you can close the drawers by an effective pressure instead of popping to.

The rustic style of cuisine has always wood cabinets

cabinets easily design wood kitchen island chandelier rustic stones glass ceiling

9 play with the height of cabinets

A meter is a normal height for the cabinets, but it is not for everyone. Many tasks are performed better on a smaller amount. This applies particularly to the people who are smaller or greater than the average. Therefore it never is a bad idea to make area with different heights.

Now how does your kitchen in your eyes? Are a few news and changes occurred to you?

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