12 Relax Seats For Maximum Relaxation In Everyday Life

relax seats with many red balls

12 relax seats for maximum relaxation

With this article we will introduce a few new seating areas, to prepare you for maximum relaxation.

Let’s start with POWER’NAP. Designed by Ninna Helena Olsen, wraps this origami-like design “gentle your body”, while it looks like a work of art. Yes, please! I’m sure that would fit this sculptural Chair in every Office. The NAP isn’t make more productive workers?

The origami chairs – a real eye-catcher

relax seats origami style black white

The cradle clamoring for comfort, doesn’t it?

relax seats Tolle half ball wood

The Loopita could look like a giant Hot Wheels Track, but I think it looks like a sleek lounge space for two. It was designed by Victor Aleman and apparently you can get multiple loops if you prefer your afternoon nap in a group.

Perfect for home and Office

relax seats fancy bed in beige with dark wood

I want to immerse yourself in this bunch. It’s called Hanabi and is made of a series of interconnected fabric bags that are filled with polystyrene pellets. Designed by mottoWASABI, is the sofa slightly and combined several Hanabi made chairs.

The elegance can be very plain and simple

relax seats many soft small pillows in white

One of our personal favorite was always the couch sleeper by Anne Lorenz. A chaise longue with a sleeping bag all in one!

Black and white checkered – classic

relax seats comfortable sunbathing black white checkered

It looks like relaxing on a bed of spongy volleyballs from, but the feel seating system Deluxe consists of 120 “soft and extremely pleasant” balls. You can change it to a variety of positions to make any type of Chair or bed that you prefer.

Many relax seats many blue soft balls soft balls provide maximum comfort

Who can resist a hug from a sofa, ideal if you are looking for a little more comfort, and there is no one. It is designed by Inga Sempé for LK Hjelle.

Beautiful, soft and fluffy sofa in grey

relax seats soft cuddly sofa in grey

Oradaria design came with the Blandito ®, a versatile pad for lazy life. It can be folded in various positions and used, which help you without a doubt, get proper relaxation.

Relax together on the floor

relax soft round mat for two seats

The mat has a quilt feature

relax seats soft round mat for two as blanket

Daisuke Motogi sleepy Chair is like a miniature version of a bed with just enough room to snuggle up.

relax seats snow-white Chair soft and comfortable

Gravity balance by Variér is definitely not your couch or Chair. This Chair is intended for work, for leaning back or just for television. I’m pretty sure that I never would get up from him, if I have it.

A multifunctional rocking chair

relax armchair seats ergonomic reading

The Luso Lounger by James acids can be used in various ways, such as a chaise, bed, couch, Chair and stool. The asymmetric shape gives it a unique appearance and makes him a smart piece for someone with varied needs.

A versatile light grey Ottoman

relax seats Ottoman stylish in Hell Grau

The my-(oben) and the Roo (below) were designed by Ulla Koskinen for Finnish company Woodnotes . The minimalist design is like a modern bag for adults, minus the cheap stuff and great design.

Where is your favorite place to cuddle and relax?

Comfortable bean bags – minimalist and meditative

relax seats large beanbags in white and grey