Creating The Hallway In Line With The Latest Trends – Tips And Ideas

Already at the end of last year we have one detailed article published on current home trends on our website. That was a bit long ago and we thought that we should use the information from it. A good reason for this are the trends that you can use to design the hallway. Because they are also subject to the general”fashion”in the interior. Let’s start with our exciting overview of the latest trends in hallway design!

This wing design has housed all the important features of this room

Design the hallway and achieve total relaxation

What is your feeling of coming home? In other words, how would you like to feel when you enter your own home? Do you want to feel complete peace and relaxation? When designing the hallway, think about what you want to feel when you enter your home.

If you really want to enter the other rooms totally relaxed, then you can count on minimalism. It will remain a trend in 2018 and will probably be very modern for many years to come. For an even more recent appearance, we recommend the combination with trendy colors. In the following example, you have opted for retro shades.

So you can design the hallway with modern colors

Simplicity and comfort in the Scandinavian style

The Scandinavian style and”Hygge”are also very present in 2018. This means that natural materials are used very widely. This is particularly evident in the layout of the corridor through the integration of many wooden furniture. Both when designing the hallway and when thinking about the furniture of the other premises, consider beech, walnut and oak if you want to achieve a completely modern effect. For these are the trendiest types of wood currently. If you want to combine simplicity and comfort, you could still give the hall a rustic look. Again, the use of natural materials will help you here. You could also experiment with some extra seating that will make the hall more comfortable and functional.

Comfortable seats are a good and modern idea in the corridor design

Intelligent wall use

The article quoted at the beginning of the article is often referred to as”living with a system”. It is all about the intelligent and creative use of shelves. It will accommodate as many things as possible and it remains a lot of tread free. If you want to make the hallway modern, you should think of such modern solutions. Combine the shelving units with open and locked storage areas for an original, intelligent and seamless effect. In the example below we see many built-in furniture. They are a very good idea that could be adapted to the”living with system”rule at the same time.

Wall-high storage units – so you can certainly make the hallway modern!

The lighting concept

The lighting plays an essential role in the corridor for several reasons. On the one hand, we often have no natural light sources here. So the artificial ones would have to be well selected and installed in the right places. In the hall you would have to look good in the mirror, because this is the room from which you directly leave the apartment. We want to make sure that we look perfect, right? And so that our guests feel really welcome, an interesting concept would be appropriate. For a modern effect would be LED lights Ideal in combination with interesting lighting fixtures. One more thing you need to think about when lighting the corridor is the LED bars that you can put in the dark corners.

If you want to design the corridor, you need a good lighting concept

Make the hallway in line with the rest of the interior

Of course, when designing your hall, you do not just have to think about the new trends, but also about the rest of the interior design. In how far is she adapted to the new fashion trends? Your hallway may look a bit more modern than the rest of the house, if you wish. But, like any other room, it should correspond with the rest of the home through certain shapes, colors or other criteria. Everything should finally make a uniform concept! If you keep that up, then the renovation of the interior could easily begin in the hallway and spread step by step to other areas.

The layout should best be consistent with the rest of the design

Yellow and green are trendy and make this hallway design modern

Both the blue and the natural materials are in

If you want to make the hallway modern, you should make it look bright and visually wide

Through the corridor design, all the entrants should feel welcome

The courageous creative solutions are announced in the corridor design

Think of intelligent stowage ideas when designing the hallway

Even so, you can make a very narrow corridor

Fancy tiles are modern in interior design in general

The gray color is modern and therefore also ideal for the corridor design

A few more modern concepts for the corridor design in neutral shades