Ground Tree Bus Wood

ground tree bus woodBus wood floor

Those who opt for bus wood, make a wonderful natural choice. Still, this is an eco-friendly decision, because here is a tree which grows extremely rapidly.

Bus wood is a wonderful natural choice

ground tree bus wood table Chair

The different colours

You may decide under natural, painted, and charred tree bus fibers. The second option you can use practically any shade and you can choose under one of the available shades of Brown in the third.

You may decide under natural, painted, and charred tree bus fibers

ground tree bus wood kitchen


Here we distinguish between vertical, horizontal and the so-called Beach-woven bamboo. In the first variant, the tree bus pieces are superimposed and pressed together. So we kept the best natural look. In the second variant, the tree bus pieces are put together and then glued.

This material adds warmth to the room

ground bus wood living room couch

Facts that you must take into consideration

Clean up: You should regularly vacuum clean and wipe off. This material must not seal.

Fits: Virtually for every room

Pet friendly: Extreme!

Underlay: This must be extremely soft, because bamboo is always imperfections.

Leave your glasses at the bottom

ground tree bus wood bottle glasses

Facts for your wish list

It’s an unfriendly material. It grows quickly and can be easily reused. However, it comes from China and whose transport caused many problems.

Moso bamboo is the right choice for floors. The plant should be harvested after the sixth year, because previously it caused damage.

On bamboo in your House get pleasure?

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