Design Ideas For Your Tile Flooring – New Trends

Design ideas for your tile flooring

design ideas for your tile flooring mosaic marble

Today, we are in the world of tiles! Porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, patterned tiles, marble tiles… The possibilities are endless! More and more home owners prefer tiles before carpet, because it is easy to clean and are undeniably elegant. In fact, tiles can imitate other types of flooring, including wood!

Below you will find a whole range of interiors with tiled floors. As you would soon discover, today is one of the most popular tile options for home – the ceramic tiles, which are known with their durability, comfort, and that a variety of views can cause as they. A slew of new ceramic tile options makes this option appealing for the modern home. Look at the following pictures and decide for whether what you think you in the eye. Maybe it will soon decorate your floor…

Patterned tiles

We could talk about tiled floors, not without mentioning the miracle of patterned tiles. This is a classic way to make a work of art from your floor. Talking about the requirements for a visually interesting room! Below we see colored cement tiles in the Mediterranean style of the kitchen and living room designs. Do you love these soothing blue and shades of green?

Colored cement tiles

design ideas for your tile flooring stained

You can do nothing wrong with classical Schachbrett pattern tiles. If you install these tiles in the kitchen or the bathroom, they remind of an instant vintage atmosphere, the Deco style of the 20s to 50s malt shop!

Checkerboard tiles

design ideas for your tile flooring checkmate pattern

But don’t think that patterned tiles with the past always be associated? Is a really interesting way to integrate black and white tiles in your home, to choose a pattern with a modern twist, and she is as shown below to use in a modern room.

Black and white tiles

design ideas for your tile flooring black white

Patterned tiles are also a great way to add color to a room. In fact, many people enjoy the inclusion of patterned tiles into smaller areas such as driveways, laundry rooms and storage rooms.

Patterned tiles

design ideas for your tiles Blau Grüne pattern

It is indisputably elegant in the patterned tiles, especially if mimic the elaborate patterns on the ground in other areas of the room, such as in the lighting fixtures.

Patterned gray and blue tiles

design ideas for your tile flooring grey and Blue ceramic

Porcelain and ceramic tiles

FYI porcelain ceramic is, in fact, only more refined (so that it will be permanent). In the next picture we see modern glazed tiles from Tau Ceramica. This selection can be used as a floor or wall tile, and it comes in a variety of sizes for your convenience:

Glazed porcelain tile

design ideas for your tile flooring glazed porcelain

Who says that tile is cold and strong?  Below, we see how porcelain tiles can create a warm, elegant effect in a living room, above all, selecting colors with a touch of Brown.

Large porcelain tiles for the living room

design for your tiles flooring wholesale from China

Ceramic tile is for kitchens, modern rooms in the industry to use bistros! Below, we see how an ideal contrast to the gleaming white walls represent dark tiles. The flooring comes from the ceramic Tileworks Broadway collection, and the color is bronze.

Porcelain tiles in a modern kitchen

design ideas for your tile flooring for the kitchen

We see a similar effect in the next room, where charcoal porcelain tiles are shown. In fact, this type of floor coverings by a variety of manufacturers is available, such as for example tiles daily.

Black porcelain tiles

design ideas your tile flooring from black porcelain

It is important to remember that porcelain tiles can produce an exotic effect, especially if they are present in eclectic rooms. Tiles below come the Pompeii of architectural ceramics. They are available not only in a variety of colors, but they can imitate even Moroccan style. And its texture isn’t it adds interest in any environment?

Porcelain tile creates an exotic effect…

design ideas for your tile flooring an exotic effect

Ceramic tiles vary from dark to light. In the arena of light, we see a cream porcelain tile. In fact, the warm tones of the tile are ideal for rooms with wood accents.

Light illuminated porcelain tile a kitchen

design ideas for your tile flooring bright shades

You don’t believe, however, that cream and white not good can mingle. Below we see a Café, a porcelain tile, which is perfect for the kitchen. In addition to the creamy shades below is to note that this tile in a variety of colors.

Modern porcelain tile

design ideas for your tile flooring glazed whole modern from porcelain

So, we have seen the present variety of images that tiles can look quite modern, if they are presented in contemporary rooms. One of the most modern selections we have taken is staccato, which is made by neutral porcelain. In the right lighting, almost weak lights this tile from the inside, does not mean it?

Unique porcelain tile

design ideas for your tile flooring Unikal porcelain

A funny aspect of porcelain tile is how she can mimic the look of other building materials! Actually the floor below can look like wood, but it’s actually durable porcelain which is impermeable to water, probably from Monte Napoleon series.

Tile flooring with the look of wood

design ideas for your tile flooring wood effect

In the next room, we see a House by Jordyn developments. Send tiles on the bathroom floor are probably porcelain with a wood look, which is suitable for the guest bathroom, where wet feet regularly wet the floor!

Porcelain tiles with the look of wood

design ideas for your tile flooring porcelain as wood

Porcelain can impersonate the appearance of travertine as below the porcelain tile, which is by eco-Alabaster. We love the diversity of each tile, as well as the combination of darks and lights, that is integrated in every square centimetre of soil.

Porcelain tile with travertine look

design ideas for your tile flooring travertine

Can porcelain reminiscent of the look of cement? Absolute! Introduction to uniform granite, is shown in a commercial space below. A touch of color adds interest to this tile, as well as its durability and style.

Porcelain with the look of granite

design ideas for your tile flooring in porcelain with granite effect

Marble tile

Marble tile: it is suitable not only for hotel lobbies! Many modern homes have involved in this case with marble floor. It’s hard to fake the elegance of marble, especially if tiles are hexagonal cut, as is shown below.

Hexagonal marble tile

design ideas for your tile flooring hexagonal marble

We were excited by this marble tile in a brick pattern, which are created with minimal joints. Actually was the ground here by three artisans, creative and completed piece by piece. The outcome could be not spectacular!

Mosaic floor with marble tiles

Does the ground below like Carrara marble? Look at once again! Actually, it’s ceramic. And since it is not a natural stone, also it needs no other seal!

Marble like Fliesedesign ideas for tile flooring from light marble

Tell us your favorite tile. There is one that has aroused your interest? You have amazing tiles at home that have kept over the years? Share your suggestions by leaving a comment below! We thank you in advance!