Nail Design Autumn 2017 – Let Your Nails Look Festive

Autumn is coming soon and he brings many great festivals. This year we do not want to miss the celebration of Halloween and Oktoberfest again. Each festival has its importance and traditions. While the Oktoberfest celebrates the cheerful life and the funny get-together, the sense of Halloween is frightening evil spirits. Therefore in the area of ​​the Nail designs Give us these festivals different occasions and so to say we have a total of 2 opposing themes, according to which we can paint our nails.

The fashion-conscious ladies always want to be trendy from head to toe and have a new festive nail design. In this article we will give you many ideas on how to style your nails in harmony with the festivities. If you want to design the perfect nail design to match the season, you can get new ideas from our proposals. With a new and super trendy nail design, you will surely feel attractive. You know, sometimes small things can improve our mood. We can even impress other people around us.

1. The Oktoberfest – soon it is called”O’zapft is!”

This year, the 184th Munich Oktoberfest From 16 September to 3 October. What do we expect from the biggest folk festival in the world? Of course, many upscale emotions, eating and drinking and celebrating life! If you have already chosen the Dirndl you would like to beautify your nails as well. A nice nail design at the Wiesn’l time is not only possible but also recommendable. This year, dirndl dresses are in pastel tones actual – blue, pink, red, green and their combinations.

They have decided for the Dirndl and now the nails come to the agenda

A new and modern dirndl

Color your nails to match the Oktoberfest! It is about 4 possible and easily feasible options:

  • German flag
  • Blue white ornament
  • Signs of the Oktoberfest
  • strive

Or you can of course combine the techniques. Do not forget to use the typical colors of the Oktoberfest – blue-white as a basis and decorate your nails further with other elements.

Oktoberfest nails: Chic nail designs in blue-white

Octoberfest nails

Nageldesign for Oktoberfest

On the blue-white basis is decorated with lye bricks

Nageldesign Octoberfest 2017
Nails with the signs of the Oktoberfest

You can also use stickers to style the nails

Blue and white

Mix the designs to make it more fun

Nails with the German flag

Oktoberfest nails with chic traditional costumes

Beautiful nails for Oktoberfest

2.The Halloween can not scare us”

And when Oktoberfest is the funniest event, Halloween is the most dramatic. On 31 October, this festival is celebrated in many countries. Whether you want to dress up or not, you can always appear with a Halloween nail design at the Halloween party. We give you the ideas and let them conjure you!

The nail design for Halloween has its leitmotifs and symbols. Here are the typical ones listed:

  • pumpkins
  • be crazy
  • ghosts
  • grave plates
  • cats
  • Bats and the like.

Create a festive atmosphere at home, then look after your festive look! Also show your nails on the occasion of Halloween styled! The happy atmosphere of the Oktoberfest and the drama of the Halloweens will not forget you at least until next year!

Spider nets, pumpkins and cat show up on these nails in black and yellow

Halloween yellow and black

Smiling pumpkins in orange, gleb and black

Halloween pumpkins

Various drawings on the nails on the occasion of Halloween

Halloween with pictures
Halloween nail design
Halloween Nageldesign dark
Nageldesign autumn festival
Pumpkins other variation
Nail decoration with pumpkins
Nail decoration for Halloween
Nageldesign Halloween
Nageldesign with spiders
Nageldesign with teeth
Nails for Halloween
Nageldesign for Halloween with kittens
the German flag
Beer and the German flag