So You Can Design Your Balcony And Turn It Into A Small Garden

Natural life in the city is possible. According to many health experts, it is even mandatory. One step in that direction would be to integrate a garden when designing your balcony. The theme has many different aspects: the selection of plants, the right distribution in terms of light and wind and similar concerns are one side of the topic. However, as the balcony is also the extension of our house, stylistic issues are also of great importance. We will consider these in the following.

This balcony design corresponds to the atmosphere on the street

make balcony - great idea

Align your priorities very well when designing your balcony

If you want to design your balcony and integrate a garden into it, then there are two equal aspects. On the one hand, this is the care of the plants and, on the other hand, the design of a homely ambience. You can focus on the first or second aspect.

In all cases, however, you need a balanced and practice-oriented concept. Easy-to-understand and actionable tips can be found here in the following article , If you put the great atmosphere and cosiness as a priority and subordinate the use of the plants, then the tips that follow in our article are right for you.

Garden on balcony and work in one – a wonderful idea, right?

balcony for cozy evenings

The place is always enough

With modern design ideas, you can do wonders even in the smallest area. With plants you can the narrowest balcony shape. You will find vivid ideas in our pictures! No matter how limited the area is, you can use potted plants to refresh one corner or the other. There are special racks for the planters that you can attach to the balcony railing. The flower pots can be placed on a table or in a corner.

The textiles and the patterns correspond to each other on this garden on the balcony

balcony create green and great textiles

Security and flexibility

You should also consider hanging baskets. Very important in the design of balconies with plants are the aspects of safety and flexibility. Attach the tubs and pots to the outside of the railings if they are very well secured. Especially when there is sometimes strong wind! Otherwise, your garden can pose a danger to those walking down the street. The flowerpots and other planters should also be easy to move. In a really cold winter, the balcony could be deadly for them! In addition, optimizations are always necessary on small areas. That’s why flower pots that you can easily change, always a very good solution.

DIY projects are very popular for the garden on the balcony

balcony make historic quarter

The plants as background or as accents

When designing and planting your balcony, you should follow the rules of decoration and decor. What does that mean in practice? In this case, you should simply look at the plants and their flower pots and other equipment as a means of decoration. They should either be a background, so you can use them for the wall design. You need lush greenery! You could put several plants next to each other. You could have space on the windowsill, on the balcony railing or even on the ceiling, if you decide for hanging plants! As an accent, the plants serve when they are strategically distributed in the rest of the facility so that they complete it.

Even on the smallest balcony there is room for a garden!

balcony shape rural ideas

A uniform concept with the interior design

Thanks to their colors, texture and shapes, the plants can correspond with other patterns and elements of interior decoration. So you can make your balcony so that it corresponds with the entire interior and gives a consistent picture. Take this opportunity to expand your living environment in a very pleasant way.

Here you have achieved a Zen mood in a small space with few resources

balcony shape with little green

The decoration in the garden on the balcony can correspond with the atmosphere in the interior

balcony shape with homely mood

Ikea furnishings and great plants make the charm of the Balko garden here

balcony make beautiful idea

Shabby chic on the balcony? Why not?

balcony make great seating

Plants and great lighting together can make the balcony just as wonderful

make a balcony like an oasis
balcony make beautiful view
to make a closed balcony
Design the balcony in a big city
make the balcony with larger plants

What do you think of aroma therapy with fragrant plants in the garden on the balcony?

design the balcony with removable planters
nautical style balcony frame
Narrow balcony shape
make a very small balcony