So Cool You Can Set Up Your Own Garage – Ideas

In today’s intensive world, every person needs a lot of privacy and relaxation. Traveling and meeting with friends might be an optimal solution, but our editors believe that you should have a personal space that provides pure relaxation and tranquility. Do you think your own garage could become an energetic place? If not, then you will definitely positively surprise and enjoy the following items. Stay tuned!

Create a cozy atmosphere in the garage

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Optimal design of the garage

The summer season is the best time to set up the garage to your liking. This space can not be defined as a homely ambience because a garage has a very different function. And everyone knows them very well. But how could you optimally design and use this space? We start with the wall and floor design, because these two aspects are considered to be particularly important for your comfort.

Both determine more than 50% of the total interior of a garage. However, no living conditions would be possible there. For this reason, you should do some upgrades that provide good insulation. In the first place, the construction of the subfloor is very important.

Above all, this step should be strategically planned. If the garage floor is already covered with concrete, then you can easily use wood tiles or carpets. The temperature of the concrete floor depends strongly on the outside temperatures. You would like to avoid a very cold or hot substructure, right? After cleverly planning the floor design, first-class insulation is a top priority. This guarantees that the optimal internal temperature should be kept. First-class insulation makes no big difference when it comes to a freestanding garage. It is important that you feel comfortable in the garage.

Design the room to your taste


Garage designs that surprise greatly.

The design of the garage depends on your own taste, but of course the inspiration comes from our team. For this reason, we will introduce 3 modern designs

  • Using the car as a work of art – The connection between man and car is in many cases very strong. Nowadays, men put a lot of emphasis on the cars and that’s why the car definitely belongs in the garage along with some extras like the sitting area and the kitchen. In this context, we would like to point out that the look of a car could positively enhance the overall interior. Vintage cars and sports carts take on the role of decoration and serve as a work of art in the garage. For this reason, you should rather leave the car in the room.

Oldtimer evaluate the interior positively

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  • Kitchen bar and lounge area in the garage – If you have already planned a completely new interior for your garage, then you will certainly like the following idea. A kitchen bar with additional lounge area will make for a fun filled weekend, right? This furnishing idea can easily be realized without much experience. The kitchen bar is built using robust materials such as natural stone. Do you have the old couch? Give old pieces of furniture a second chance and form a cozy lounge next to the kitchen bar. On it is now with the exciting weekends with friends!

Each garage is versatile – use this property to create a unique ambience

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  • The garage is a space that is the perfect place for great men’s evenings. The installation of billiard and poker tables enriches the garage not only visually. This type of interior creates a lively atmosphere in the garage that can be felt right from the start. According to a survey, homeowners think of the garage as a cool leisure space suitable for many memorable evenings with friends.

The best recreation room for 2018?

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Rely on innovative design ideas and design your dream garage

DIY garage set up ideas

Choose a beautiful design for the garage

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The larger the area, the more design options you have in front of you

Kitchen bar and lounge garage set up tips

Put great value on the floor and wall design

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The interior of the garage could also be used for private business.

Set up garages design
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Set up kitchen bar and lounge garage

Lounge garage set up ideas

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