Mini House – The Most Modern Designs

If you prefer to spend your holidays in a secluded and quiet place instead of a 5-star hotel, then our editorial board has an interesting idea for your next destination. The article is about modern mini houses that you can rent, buy or build yourself. Various home constructions, cool locations and creative ideas will be found in the following paragraphs.

The most important factor in choosing the perfect house is location. Think carefully and discuss the situation with your family. Would you rather have a sea view or a lonely place in the forest? You should make this decision alone, before we start with the details and details in the next point.

Find an attractive location for your new project

Mini house ideas

A mini house has an optimal living space, which is mostly intended only for married couples or single people. If you only need the house for a holiday with lots of adventure and great experiences during the summer or winter holidays, then you should not worry about the room size. It is not recommended to plan these types of houses for a permanent use, because a living space between 20 and 40 square meters will bring many disadvantages after a certain time and that’s exactly what we like to avoid.

You can build or buy the house construction yourself according to your taste. There is a large selection of small wooden mini houses that are not only located in Germany, but also worldwide. The only common similarity of the miniature houses is their wooden construction. It is very rare to find variants made of aluminum or glass, which have a higher price than the wooden construction. The following picture shows a glass mini-house that has become an eye-catcher with its outstanding looks. The disadvantage of this kind of small houses is that any incurred heating costs are very high.

Unique look and modern design

small wooden houses to live in and miniature houses made of glass

Compared to wood, the additional costs are much lower and the wooden construction can be planned and built faster. Combinations of wood and glass are praised by many designers today. Floor-to-ceiling windows with elegant wood construction is an absolute trend nowadays, which also offers many advantages. If you have an untypical location plan, then you should ensure the stability of the house to 100% percent. For this you can gabions or use different concrete structures to ensure optimum safety. On the following picture you can see a stable wooden mini-house.

Ensure optimum stability

stability of a miniature house

A veranda or terrace should definitely be planned, because the location of each mini house offers an attractive view of nature. Usually you can plan 5-10 square meters for a terrace. Then you can get one lounge plan and enjoy the long summer nights.

You will find a selection of different models of miniature houses in the following picture gallery. Be inspired by the latest designs!

A perfect vacation spot

mini prefab house ideas

house ideas exterior design

wooden mini houses

combination of wood and glass

3d concept and idea

lighting design minihaus

mini house with veranda plan

Attractive location for mini house

concepts for a perfect mini house

practically lighting design

wooden construction ideas

plan house on the beach

planning of minihaus

floor to ceiling windows as a facade

Wooden construction mini house

space for terrace

veranda and lounge area