5 Ideas On How To Color And Decorate Easter Eggs

There is not much time left until Easter and you should start slowly to prepare for it. The main role, as every year, the Easter eggs – colorful and beautiful! We have 5 great ideas how to color and decorate Easter eggs. Take a look and collect new inspiration for your Easter decoration at home.

Color Easter eggs and decorate beautifully

Eggs naturally produce Easter eggs

Easter eggs color with whipped cream

In a deep pot beat the cream until it stiffens. Add different food colors and stir well so that the paint spreads. Put the boiled eggs in it so that they are well covered. Leave it in for about 20 minutes. If you want a more intense color, you can leave the eggs in the pot a little longer.

Then take them out and wash the eggs with lukewarm water.

Extra tip : A few drops of vinegar in the whipped cream will provide stronger colors.

Use non-toxic egg colors

decorating easter eggs coloring easter decorating easter eggs

Coloring easter eggs with tea

If you are a fan of coloring eggs with natural colors, then this method is just right for you. Use only white eggs for this target. To get a delicate pink color, keep the eggs in roobos or hibiscus tea. With chamomile and turmeric tea you dye the eggs in yellow and the black tea gives a brown nuance. Mint tea along with parsley juice make a light blue color. The fruit tea from forest berries will color the eggs in violet.

Natural colors

Another possibility, to dye the eggs naturally , is to use the natural juices of fruits and vegetables. The beetroot juice colors the eggs in pink or bright red. Grape or cherry juice can be used if you want to achieve a purple color. The spinach juice gives a natural green color and the cooked red cabbage leaves give a light blue nuance. Again, a few drops of vinegar will make the colors a bit more intense.

Use the Easter eggs also for home decoration

decorate easter decorate easter eggs decorate easter eggs

Vintage decoration

For those of you who like the vintage home decor, there is a suitable deco idea for the Easter eggs. The plus point here is that it is not necessary to dye the eggs. You can only dip the eggs in strong coffee for a very short time to get a slight brown nuance. After that, all you have to do is wrap the eggs in a piece of knitted lace ribbon and tie them tightly into a ribbon with a string. You can help yourself with the hot glue gun to make it even more stable. The disadvantage is only that the eggs are no longer edible because of the glue.

Bring your skills in dyeing and decorating the Easter eggs

egg-colored easter eggs dye easter eggs color

Watercolors to the easter eggs dyeing

The decoration with watercolor paints is more for the artistic natures, who have enough patience and creative creativity, to paint the Easter eggs with the brush. It creates delicate flowers, beautiful contours and interesting combinations, as a result of the color bleeding.

You can also use the Easter eggs with the Decorate napkin technique ,

Now you will receive from us other wonderful ideas in pictures, how you can color and decorate the Easter eggs. We wish you lots of fun while watching and Happy Easter!

Decorate the Easter eggs beautifully with watercolors

watercolor easter eggs color easter eggs color

Gold shimmer for the Easter eggs

decorating easterbustel easter eggs coloring

Unicorn and golden hares

osterdeko osterbastel Easter eggs color

Merry water stickers for the easter eggs

decorating easter easter eggs coloring easter eggs decorating

A great idea for families with children

deco ideas easter easter eggs coloring techniques

Washi tape for the Easter eggs

washi tape easter eggs decorate easter eggs color

Creative ideas for the Easter eggs

unicorn easter eggs decorate easter eggs color

Smileys distribute through the easter eggs

funny easter eggs easter eggs color

Glitter on Easter eggs are very trendy

decorate easter craft easter eggs dye easter eggs

Put your creativity into play

easter decoration ideas easter eggs coloring easter eggs decorate

Coloring Easter eggs: Let your child help

decorate easter color Easter Eggs decorate Easter Eggs
easter decoration ideas table decoration easter easter eggs color

A”lace idea”for red easter eggs

Easter eggs decorate Easter decorations Easter eggs color
Easter eggs decorate Easter eggs color

Decorate the eggs with felt

decorating easter easter tinkering easter eggs coloring

The watercolors blend nicely

easter eggs color easter eggs coloring easter eggs decorate

Choose different glitter

easter eggs color easter eggs dyeing techniques
decorating easter eggs coloring easter eggs
easter eggs dyeing techniques easter decorating ideas

Do that Easter eggs a part of your home decoration

easter eggs coloring techniques easter eggs decorate

White top for the light blue easter eggs

easter eggs ideas easter eggs decorate easter eggs color

Easter crafts and creative Easter ideas

easter eggs ideas easter eggs color

Happy Easter!