Balcony Furniture From Europaletten – Palettenmöbel Ideas For The Spring

Spring is coming! For many, this means that they also work in the garden in addition to the large spring cleaning in the house. If you do not have a garden, your balcony or the terrace will most likely want to pamper you for the summer. Furniture from Europaletten offers you a cost-effective way to build your own furniture. If you are looking for more ideas about pallet furniture, we have a tip for you. On the next linked page you will find everything about furniture from Europaletten, free instructions, ideas, tips & tricks and where you can buy Europaletten at a low price. Here you go to the side Furniture from European ideas ,

How can I beautify my balcony?

Probably the easiest and cheapest way to get a balcony furniture is to build it from Europaletten itself. The special thing about furniture made of pallets is that you can watch them passively to the balcony or the terrace. No annoying armrests that spoil the overall picture or throw your concept over the pile. Who ever had to dig deep into their pockets to get balcony furniture, which were not even 100 percent satisfactory, knows how annoying it is when they have already broken halfway through the year or fallen even less than in the previous year.

With the decision to build balcony furniture from pallets, you have certainly made a good decision. Meanwhile, the internet is full of pallet furniture ideas. And at least one acquaintance or even relative has home either a shelf of Europaletten or perhaps even pallet furniture.

Balcony furniture from Europaletten

What should I watch out for?

With these balcony furniture from Europaletten we show you in this DIY the absolute basics. In this case we worked with used pallets. Alternatively, you can access new pallets, which are specially made for the construction of pallet furniture and which can even be bought already finished. In the indoor area we definitely advise you to buy new Europaletten, especially if you want to build a pallet bed or a sofa from Europaletten. Here you can find new ones If you decide for the outdoor area also for used Europaletten, you should try in advance, as much as possible over the pallets to learn. As we know, Europalettes are polluted and are also full of bacteria. It is important that you pay attention to the stamp. He tells you, among other things, the country of origin and points to the treatment. If the pallet is HT, the pallet has been subjected to heat treatment and is free of chemicals. At least as far as the treatment of the manufacturers is concerned. So please only use these Europaletten. Another important point is that you can wear the used pallets very well and wear a respirator mask. Europaletten buy ,

Balcony furniture from Europaletten DIY ideas
Create balcony furniture from Europaletten

How do I edit the Europaletten correctly?

Pallets are easy to process. After the Europaletten have been sufficiently abraded, the biggest work has already been done. The cut will work wonderfully with an ordinary jigsaw. Our balcony furniture from pallets was cut for a small balcony, on which it was previously hardly possible to find a place with several people. We were less concerned about an overwhelming pallet furniture design. It should simply fulfill its purpose and enable us to say in a nice round with several people. For this purpose, we have adjusted the pallets exactly to the size of the balcony by cutting them appropriately. The pallets of the Europaletten can be removed and replaced with a break-away iron, which makes the accuracy of the balcony furniture and working with the pallets extremely flexible. Since we have stacked two pallets on top of each other in order to obtain an optimal seat height, we have connected them under the pallets with wooden screws.

Balcony furniture from Europaletten DIY project
Balcony furniture from Europaletten wooden pallets ideas

The seat cushions we at that time costly in the foam specialist shop cut and bought. To the look at the landing bridges, we got coffee coffees at the Kaffeerösterei am Baumwollall and slipped over the seat upholstery. In the meantime, however, there are fortunately onlineshops, which offer a variety of seat cushions for Europaletten and where there is something for everyone.

We wish you a lot of fun in the construction of your pallet furniture and pleasant hours in nice round after work. If you are looking for more furniture from Europaletten, have a look here

Balcony furniture made of European wood floor
Balcony furniture from Europaletten do it yourself