Make Yourself A Designer Pouf

Each item can take on as many functions as we choose to give it. It is sufficient to combine imagination and skill to make the unused objects an interesting and original addition to the home furnishings. This also applies to the old car tire, which can be transformed into an effective designer pouf with a few steps. Today you will learn how to make yourself such a non-traditional piece of furniture.

Make a comfortable pouf

Sitzpouf pouf stool to do it yourself

The materials for the pouf

Before you start with the actual work, you should prepare the necessary materials and tools. Here you are:

  • a car tire
  • 2 MDF boards, each 60 × 60 cm
  • wood grinder
  • Rope for measuring
  • silicone
  • long hemp rope to cover the whole tire from all sides
  • Installation glue
  • 8 screws, 4 each for top and bottom
  • electric screwdriver
  • round screws
  • 4 rubber plugs
  • wood paint
  • latex paint

The instruction

seat cushion pouf stool sitzpouf make yourself

Step 1: Cut out circles from the MDF boards

Take a piece of rope to measure the diameter of the tire. If this is 50 cm, draw circles on both MDF boards with a radius of 25 cm. Cut these out with the angle grinder.

A firm seat pad

Pouf stool itself make seat pouf

Step 2: Attach the MDF circles to the tires

Lay the tire horizontally and pass silicones along the surface. Place one of the cut out circles and secure with four of the eight screws using the electric screwdriver. It is good that the screws are positioned at the same distance from each other. Turn the tire over and repeat the same without tightening the screws.

Beautify it with hemp rope

Sitzpouf itself do DIY projects

Step 3: Paper the pouf

Take the assembly adhesive and the hemp rope and glue the tire, leaving only one MDF circle free. Start from the middle of a circle and give some of the glue again and again.

Attach small feet

make diy projects seat pouf seat cushions yourself

Step 4: Attach the plugs

For this you need the 4 rubber plugs and the remaining 4 screws. Insert one screw into each of the 4 plugs and attach them to the free MDF surface as shown in the picture above. Again, the distance should be the same for better stability.

Choose a nice color

seat cushion itself make sitzpouf

Step 5: Dyeing and varnishing

A color of your choice will make this pouf more effective. Stick an adhesive tape in the middle of the tire to differentiate the color and paint the lower half in color. Make sure the paint is well covered and let it dry. Finally, you should paint your new piece of furniture to seal everything well and protect the artwork.

And just now you have turned the old car tire into an attractive pouf. We hope you enjoy using it!

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