DIY Walk-in Wardrobe Yourself – Practical Tips

Build a walk-in wardrobe yourself – dream of many homeowners, because this DIY project is one of the most popular ever. This furnishing idea offers the possibility of sorting and practically positioning your garments. Everyone knows the problem, if you should choose for hours the personal outfit. The walk-in closet gives you a better overview of your clothes, accessories and shoes. In this article we would like to introduce the individual steps of this DIY project and show you how to build a walk-in wardrobe yourself.

The DIY walk-in closet should be multifunctional

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Select the right room according to 3 factors

Before you begin with the construction, you should choose the suitable space for your walk-in wardrobe. Again and again, homeowners choose the basement room or the pitched roof as a suitable location for shelves and drawers. The right choice of space is made according to experts after three general measurements.

1. The length of the usable wall surface – You should carefully measure this surface and determine if there is enough space for all the clothes. Rear and side walls are also included, as all three walls will play an important role.

The length of the walk-in closet should match the DIY project accordingly

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2. The depth of the walk-in closet – An important point for the project, which often causes negative consequences. In this context we would like to say that the depth of the individual shelves and cabinets should be planned very well. The reason for this is that the space appears much smaller after installation. The pieces of furniture significantly reduce the planned area. It is important that you plan a 10-15cm reduction from each side.

The deeper the room, the more space for your clothes!

Walk-in wardrobe yourself build craft ideas

3. The height – every walk-in wardrobe brings many benefits. The height of the shelves and cabinets is one of the most important points for the project. This gives you the opportunity to mount floor-to-ceiling constructions and exploit the empty space by 100%. A height of 2 meters would be optimal for the usual walk-in closets.

More and more people are putting a lot of value on floor-to-ceiling shelves

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Plan construction

The design of the wardrobes and shelves depends a lot on your clothes. A good example is the business people who wear official clothing every day. All the ties, official shoes, jackets and accessories are placed in specific locations that greatly enhance the mobility of everyday life. In this context, you should think about what kind of shelves and storage options you need exactly.

If you also plan to store items other than clothing, accessories, and shoes, it’s best to make a detailed sketch of the DIY walk-in wardrobe. Discuss your wishes and suggestions with someone who already has previous knowledge and experience in this topic. Often, friends can share a creative idea that suits their tastes.

Since this is a DIY project, our editorial staff would like to present the most important steps of the procedure. The shelves, drawers and baskets are increasingly made only of wood and metal. If you do not want to invest a lot of money in the walk-in closet, then the wooden boards from the local hardware store are the best. Designing shelves is not a very difficult task. It is important that you use the room accordingly. Also consider the use of practical, functional drawers designed to store small accessories.

When it comes to a perfect walk-in wardrobe, there are important ones decorating ideas that are considered a must.

Do not forget the optimal lighting design in this room

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The dream of every woman!

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From wooden boards, you can build a super DIY project yourself

Walk-in wardrobe yourself build wood craft ideas

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Enjoy the well-designed walk-in closet

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Make yourself a walk-in wardrobe yourself