Build A Hanging Dessert Itself

The night tables are a necessity element of every bedroom. But the high purchase price does not always correspond to the expected quality. If you do not care about this traditional solution to keep small items, you can put on a much more original version. A hanging board is a great alternative to it and also cheap. These Idea for nightclub Building is simple and can only be implemented in four steps.

Building a self-catering tummy: the instruction

Build and design yourself

Step 1: Select a material as desired

You can buy wooden material by the DIY store and cut it into a right or triangle, yes, according to available space and desire. If the wood color is too dark for your bedroom furniture, you can paint it in a brighter shade. Another nice idea is to find an oval piece of wood, which will also provide a vintage look in the bedroom.

Step 2: Cut out the holes

Measure the holes at the same distance and mark them with a pencil. If your hanging backside table is four- or rectangular, you need 4 holes. Do not drill them too close to the edge, otherwise the bedside table becomes unstable. For the oval piece of wood only three ropes are sufficient to hang it stably. After you have marked the spots, it is time to make them with a drill.

To build ideas for yourself

Step 3: Install the cables

Cut out equally long cables. Pull the ropes through the holes and make a knot at the end. Use wooden sticks or a thin pin to pull the ropes through the holes more easily. Make sure that the knots are tightly tied to the weight of items placed on the back table later.

Step 4: Hang up the shelf

Hang the shelf on the wall or ceiling using hoes. The new dessert table can also be hung on furniture that provides a secure base. The practical bedside table can be placed in another room at any time.

Well, had we been right that the nightstand itself is simple?

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